Stun Grenades Used in Early Morning Drug Take Down in Cornwall Ontario #CCPS 101918

Cornwall Ontario – The CCPS shouted out on social media about a drug take down on Price Albert Street in the le Village area of Cornwall.

We will update as more info becomes available.

Cst#134 ***WARRANT*** Early morning drug warrant executed at a Prince Albert Street address. Distraction devices were used and heard, not gunfire. More details to follow.

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  1. Holy makral. I hope they got the rigt house; many years ago the pollice came thru my door on luoisa st .they thot it was my neybors house that is who they was loking for. they took a bag of oregano off my counter that my nepheu gave me not sure why thou. They later returnd it and i made some of my bst spagetti later that day.

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