Picking the Lesser Evil for the Cornwall Ontario 2018 Election by Julie Johnston 101918

Picking the lesser evil!

Four years ago, I voted for Leslie O’Shaughnessy because Bob Kilger allowed the city to crucify whistleblowers and chose to protect the abusers instead!

So I chose the lesser evil!

My gut at the time knew that O’Shaughnessy would be no different but I took the chance that maybe, just maybe, he would rise above that.

As expected, he used whistleblowers to advance his own agenda. Well O’Shaughnessy, based on your deceit, your time as mayor is limited thankfully. This will be your “Last Call” and hopefully will do us all a favour and step down completely from public office, forever!

Who do you vote for when all three evils have sat on council for years and despite them painting rainbows on shit, like the local papers do, haven’t done anything to improve the lives of the people who share this city like Sunday Bus Service?

Seems the city never has enough money for that!

However, for those who were listening to the debates may have noticed that they are not on the same page especially when it comes to how much money the city has.

Do they get different information, misinterpret the information,  or are they not paying attention?

One thing that they do agree on is wasting more tax dollars on an inflated art gallery and a 7% tax increase in the new year. According to Clement, we have no money problems. I guess not when you are free to rape us with tax hikes and not tell the public where our money is going.

Bernadette Clement sits on the “Audit committee.” What does that mean?

This role includes: “having important governance responsibilities related not only to public financial reporting, internal controls and management of financial risks.”

If you are responsible to report to the government, then why hasn’t the cost of a 30 second “fire prevention” video or the millions to protect incompetent managers never been made public? Aren’t you accountable to the public? It explains why Clement doesn’t feel that Cornwall has a money problem yet taxes continue to rise. Which one is it?

She is also proud that she learned that: “SPEAKING UP for others who may not have a voice and standing up for what “I” believe in.” You can’t have it both ways.

For one, you haven’t spoken up for anyone or to anyone so quit fooling the public.

Secondly, your use of the word “I” says that although the public wants one thing, your interest will lie above theirs.

This explains the push for a useless art centre that the public doesn’t want or need. I bet that the centre is the highlight of the steering committee, the one that she sits on. You need to report to the government but not your constituents.

For anyone who wants detailed information are refused an answer and forced to apply for red tape known as “freedom of information act.” What a joke!!  Are they hiding their inadequacies??

Who do vote for? The truth is, most people don’t realize that failures within council has an impact on our taxes and is also a reflection of what the city is doing. People are disillusioned when it comes to growth within our city and an art center that will cost us millions isn’t one of them.

After our taxes go up another 7%, more people will be using services like the agape, especially those on a fixed incomes yet bus service won’t be available to them because of costs. But pave the way for a 6 million dollar art center! Ugh! Considering we pay the most taxes in this region with the least service yet people will continue to vote incompetence in!

Clement has been the weakest link on council. Considering she is a lawyer and never acted on any wrongdoing within the city concerns me a great deal!

Vote her out!!


  1. An excellent article Julie. A great many people have left Cornwall and many more to go. Cornhole is becoming a ghost town and you never know if I go as the headless horseman of the novel that would surely bring excitement down there. There is nobody capable on the list of being mayor and the same goes for council – WHAT A PITY! When I looked at the taxes that Jamie posted I was in shock.

  2. I agree with a lot of your points! We need change! I would like to say though I am no prude but I dislike the use of the word “rape” being used. Rape as we all know is all too real and affects many! I am sure you could use another term…just something to think about. For me its not even about being politically correct. I simply think the word is not best suites discussing taxes.

  3. Author

    If you truly understood what’s happening to the taxpayer of Cornwall, and has for over a decade now, as harsh as that term is, you just might change your mind.

  4. Unlike some persons commenting on CFN site , as a taxpayer I believe Cornwall is
    a safe place to live , and no matter how some persons enjoy bashing the Mayor ,
    I will continue to support Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy , as I believe he’s honest ,
    and the best person to be the MAYOR OF CORNWALL .
    Thank you and have a nice day .

  5. Author

    Yes, we know you have a man crush on Les Bill.

  6. Believe Me 1,,,,,,, you stated ,”I believe he’s honest”, in reference to the Mayor (Bus driver). That’s admirable & you probably know him well , so, perhaps you can explain why he used Diane Shay to be elected, then abruptly threw her under the bus after being elected ? We have heard nothing but crickets from his mouth ? As his advocate please enlighten us ? I predict third place !

  7. Author

    Maybe 4th as I am hearing that Spahich is getting the protest vote.

  8. E.T.Bass
    Fact is Leslie didn’t throw Diane under any BUS as you and others wrongly claim .

    Further, Leslie clearly advised that Diane should not settle case and that the case
    should go to COURT . Surely you and other fair minded persons should be able to
    figure out why Leslie stated that .

    The TRUTH may be HARD for you and others to swallow , however it is the TRUTH .

  9. Some are wearing rise coloured glasses on here if they actually believe what he/she wrote. Going from supporting whistleblowers to what he did. Jeezzzzzz.

  10. Cherry picking an argument. Very Lesliish. The facts are he used whistleblowers, including myself to get votes. When self interests lies above others, bye bye Felicia!! Bottom line, he had four years to correct the wrongs but didn’t. Too much conflict of interest around the table.

  11. Evil is evil and when people do things that are very wrong then they can no longer be trusted and here are many who cannot be trusted at all. When you vote for the lesser of two evils you are still voting in evil. The sheeple of Cornhole have gone insane in the way they vote. If you cannot find good people to hold the post of mayor and council then this is mighty bad and finished as a town.

  12. Enough protest votes could mean an unknown as mayor.

  13. Very good write up, what ever happened with the strike that the City had ?? Why to this day is the new contract not signed ? Did they go on strike for nothing ? Why if someone has all the time in the world to devote to being mayor do they not have the time to draft everything and have it officially signed ? The people that work for our City need their contract now not later.

  14. Author

    Maybe you should ask CUPE. I know we did our part, but will never assist CUPE again after the total ingratitude to this newspaper and its readers. They are a disrespectful bunch.

  15. I know, on the federal level having been through it too many times to count, it takes months after a contract is agreed to to actually get the contract signed. Agreeing to a contract is one thing. Getting it on paper in legal terms both sides can agree to is totally something else. What one side sees as acceptable, the other side may not. So back to defining terms they go. It’s an endless loop.

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