If You Don’t See Your Election Candidate Ad on CFN Don’t Vote for Them by Jamie Gilcig 101218

Cornwall Ontario – CFN has over 1 million human pageviews monthly.   It’s been that way for a awhile, but what quite a few people, and sadly many in the political and business realms locally, don’t get is that whether they like this newspaper, its publisher, or writers, and content is that the majority of the public read it.

Running for public office isn’t easy.   But ultimately what you’re doing is asking your community to trust you in running the corporation that serves all of us.

Does it make any sense to elect anyone with narrow special interests or even worse, that is there to just be a yes person or serve their masters like say…a David Murphy?

True it’s far too common, but at election time we have a chance to mull over what each candidate offers.  Most of us know nary about the candidates because they simply haven’t advertised, sent out releases, contacted all the media, or pushed their platforms out where most of us can see them.

This election will be a dark stain on an already darkly stained tapestry that is the history of Cornwall Ontario.   It’s ugly.  How many nomination papers did cliquesters like Chris Munro sign?

We have three candidates that at least morally shouldn’t be running as their salaries are paid for by you and I already.   That’s an ugly optic.

We have candidates that say raising taxes is a good.  It never is.  In most communities they’d be run out of town for saying that and for such stupidity as the city had to raise taxes because of MPAC adjustments when that is simply ghastly bad leadership and even worse city management.

We have candidates that have been on councils during the last 12 years who essentially are responsible for the city’s condition.   They clearly haven’t shown that they have solutions.  Some may have sat in silence while others ruled the day, but did they tell us how they really felt?  Some have told this writer how frustrated it’s been at times, but it’s the public that needs to know this.

We have a goose toilet for a waterfront and our taxes are about a third higher than Ottawa.   Can we afford 7 percent single year increases?  Is our goal to drive out business and people so Sean Adams Asian clients can buy up Cornwall on the cheap?  We just saw Cornwall Square sold at a big loss.

Our current joke of a mayor recently stated that taxes could be going up 7 percent next year.  Think about that?  Is it because we’re getting more services?   Or is it because he and the current members of council have allowed management under Maureen Adams to run amok and seemingly unchecked with costly CUPE strikes that never should have occurred, conspiratorially boycotting this newspaper, recently spending approximately $25,000 in city legal fees to win a $700 lawsuit which looks like it’s heading to appeal and even more corrupt, having a personal judgement in the name of the mayor and two councilors taken up by the city at a cost greater than the value of the judgement.

And it’s not just this newspaper.   There have been multiple reports of candidates simply not responding to other media and groups regarding questions.  While those may be lost opportunities for the candidates, it clearly shows a lack of merit for achieving office.

No, when we type the headline we did for this piece it’s not the piddly $100 for an ad; it’s the respect for you reading this, and we know you read this by our numbers.   It’s about respect for the community and its a clear sign that if elected these people simply won’t be working for US.

And if candidates are afraid or refuse to deal with we, the public, which includes most of you reading and yours truly, they are simply not worthy of serving us.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You and Jules can post your comments below.


  1. I dont know about everyone else but the only reason i read is to see what crazy crap you come up with next

  2. Author

    Yes, there is a lot of crazy crap to report in this area. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s what happens when the norm was for the media to not report it. The crazy people got really bold. Wait until you see our Project Truth documentary!

  3. Cornwall could have made itself into a very nice town but there are people who destroyed it and the clique is a great part of how the town went under. Cornwall is situated in the right place but the evils brought the town down.

  4. My comment was removed?

  5. Author

    Pete we went through a site update and a few things went poof, but all is well now. Our apologies.

  6. Thanks Jamie, no issues. I just thought I had said something wrong.

  7. Jamie I can’t wait for your Project Truth Documentary to come out. Cornwall is riddled with sex abuse including the Catholic Church and others. OMG I knew a lot in elementary school and what happened to one of my class mates. The church (Catholic) that I was married in is no longer a Catholic Church but converted into something Heritage whatever that is. Cornwall is way too crazy for yours tru

  8. We need pople like Jamie gilCIg runing this city. It wuld b a bettr place!

  9. Jamie isn’t the one who makes up the crazy crap in Cornwall. The people did it to themselves. Jamie is just reporting what the toilet papers of record do not report. I knew all about this being true since I went to Catholic elementary schools and knew a lot back in the 50’s and 60’s era even in the churches where it wasn’t reported.

  10. I know, I know, I know……………

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