The society evolves and so does the law, but if progress must be made every aspect of the society must change too in order to accommodate other changes and achieve balance. The changes in policy can be compared to the regular Cornwall weather it is constantly being changed to adapt to the developing society which in hindsight is not a bad thing.

Education is a regional responsibility under the Canadian constitution, which means there are noteworthy variances between the education systems of the different provinces. However, education is imperative to Canadians, and standards across the country are homogeneously high. Though there are many similarities in the education systems across Canada, both provincial and territorial, there are still significant differences in assessment, curriculum, and accountability policies among the jurisdictions that express the language, geography, culture, history, and corresponding special needs of the populations served.

Paying more attention to students

With the easy access to the internet, they are several ways student go about class projects, assignments, and gaining knowledge. There are even platforms online that help with assignment writing, for example, working college students. The policies may want to allow a greater window for the student not just to learn the basics of the digital world but also to explore more options for creativity. This opportunity should also be open to a teacher so they can be able to guide the student with a reasonable amount of understanding themselves.

Since education is not just being book smart, the political influence may also want to pay attention to outside the classroom activities of students. The student can take up a summer job at Farmboy after a successful academic session or even as an after-school job or also for a paid internship. The concept of a well paid internship is a policy the federal government is currently working on so the average student can avoid getting in trouble with law keeping authorities like the Ottawa police especially since he is kept busy.

Now we can say that bottom line, that the system really works. Mostly, for the average student. However, exceptional students do receive some attention but inadequate at either end of the intellectual, emotional and physical ability spectrums. Since Special needs require special teaching efforts. Laws should be made in order to accommodate these quirks and peculiarities of the above average student in order to mine their potentials.

Improving the quality of teachers

In Canada, with the development of political influences, attention is being given to the wrong aspects of education. It is obvious that teacher education has failed to capture the attention of politicians, journalist and many academics and these are the kind of people that affect real change the insistence should be refining the excellence of teachers.

More resources can be channelled towards the teacher by making teachers acquire better knowledge of psychology depending on the class that falls with their category A teacher who is under-trained, under-respected, under-educated, and under-supported is no way able to achieve any success no matter how small the class is as only those teachers who are effective can take any learning model and make it a success.

Considering the fact that teaching pay and compensation in Canada is relatively poor. While comparing a Teachers’ pay to many other professions with similar years of education the amount of pay doesn’t make up for the things good teachers need to put up with some would just prefer to work with Uber and earn more money. It is important that The Policymakers approach education refurbishments with attention to improving the eminence of teachers and teaching rather than substituting one failing system with another.