Cornwall CAO Confirms She Nominated Voisine For Fire Chief Award on Public Dime 102918

Cornwall Ontario –  As CFN reported recently the odd circus that has been the city spending wads of cash to make silly vanity videos of Fire Chief Pierre Voisine.   LINK

Ms Adams is not answering to the costs of the video, but sources have said that city have spent over $20K, but it has now been discovered, after allegations that Chief Voisine himself filled out the nomination papers himself, that it was Ms Adams and her staff that filled out the award nominations at taxpayer expense.



The nomination was coordinated through my office and submitted by me personally.

A request for how much of our tax money was spent on this circus was not answered.  Ms Adams spent years prior as the Chief Financial Officer of Cornwall so it would be expected that she’s good with numbers, at least better than she is in her choice of footwear…

Chief Voisine didn’t answer any of our emails and council has been mum as the tragic waste of money has not been answered for, nor if the city will be pumping more cash into KAV productions whose owner is a good pal of City Poohbah Bob Peters and whose wife Tracey Quiring Peters and her bestie Sue Stewart are barbie dolls and wine drinking partners of his husband, convicted pedophile school teacher Marcel Lalonde.

No RSP or tenders were put out for the video production services.

The near rookie Fire chief was awarded a prestigious plaque that normally is given out to long term fire chiefs.   Mr. Voisine turns out is the treasurer on its board of directors and Ms Adams has also declined to answer how much the City has donated to the organization since Chief Voisine joined its board.

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  1. We’ll have to wait & see, what our new Council will do, if anything ? City Admin is out of control & Council is spineless. Word from the Fire Hall, is our outa town Chiefy is seldom present ? Who does this itinerant Chief report to ? He should be made to sign in & out ? This is not acceptable. IMO,,,,a tarnished award ?

  2. She should be made to pay for this herself. No wonder our taxes are so high

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