Cornwall Hospital Sleep Laboratory Services Closing Leaves Patients in Lurch 082317

Cornwall Ontario – For a town with a higher percentage of seniors it’s going to be a trip to get service as CCH has closed it’s Sleep Lab.

The Hospital issued a very brief release below.   The lab had been in the Cornwall General Hospital prior to its closing.

Sleep Apnea is a condition that can be life threatening if left untreated.  Even minor cases can lead to high blood pressure and other health and emotional issues due to fatigue as well as weight gain.

Cornwall Hospital Sleep Laboratory Services Suspended
Cornwall Community Hospital has made the difficult decision to permanently suspend the Sleep Laboratory services currently provided in the hospital.

Studies completed at the Sleep Lab assist doctors in diagnosing sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

A sleep study is a non-invasive, overnight exam that monitors patients while they sleep. 


  1. The doctor who ran it has resigned his hospital privileges. The other doctor involved, has apparently, retired.

  2. So many doctors are retiring anymore because of what the government is doing to them. I am without a doctor and couldn’t care less. I am at an age where I don’t care and looking more to my grave at age 66 and I don’t want to live in this evil world at all. Everything is falling apart much more than you all know about.

  3. If I was in that sleep lab in the hospital most likely I would not wake up being so tired. My daughter has sleep apnea where she does not sleep through the entire night and she has thyroid disease. My daughters job is a real hell where she works and enough for anyone to be mighty sick. Can you imagine that when we lived in Cornwall the doctor at the walk in clinic couldn’t diagnose my daughter.

  4. Sheesh!!! Agreed the government is not nice to doctors. But that’s not why doctors retire. They take an oath Jules. Look into it PLEASE!!

  5. I am without a doctor and I wish to die on my bed in the natural and silent way like hubbys mom did in her last years. That was the best way to go. I cannot get over so many people suffering with cancer these days and hubbys uncle the doctor had cancer of the large intestine and he was nothing but skin and bones in the end. Hubby cries when he sees the video of uncle Said that he loved very muc

  6. Hi I have used the sleep clinic twice it was great. My question is why do so many people keep donating to a hospital that keep cutting out our services I think people need to stop donating to this hospital till they fix all their problems and get all our services back. Seem like the more money we pour into this hospital the less we get.

  7. Author

    That’s a great question Jim….is Ms Despatie working for the people of this community or the gov’t? She has a monstrous salary for such a small community, as do many of the other management at the hospital. Is that simply to keep the punters quiet while the hospital is under funded?

  8. If they don’t have doctors it’s hard to run services (sleep lab, etc.). The provincial government keeps health care budget raises to a minimum. It’s hard to run a hospital on budget raises that don’t meet reality. ALL hospitals are underfunded, this is not a Cornwall exclusive. Health care in Ontario has been underfunded for over 20 yrs. It’ll only get worse not better.

  9. Just recently I spoke to a doctor (a specialist) who teaches at Ottawa U and she told me that the doctors are not treated well at all and very few people are going into that field. This lady is from Egypt and I always greet her in the Egyptian dialect and we have a good laugh. My daughter likes her very much and so do I and she is one of Ottawas better doctors.

  10. The two doctors previously running the sleep lab here wanted to slow down. One is in his 80’s, the other in his 70’s. I’ve dealt with both over the years. They are good doctors. But there comes a point where you want a less stressful life and some free time to yourself.

  11. Response to “Hugger1 & Jim Smith”

    Yes Jim, the more $$$’ we pour in the less we get ? Other area sleep labs , DO NOT have local Doctors involved, the results are read at larger Hospitals , Ottawa, Kingston, etc….Our situation here is pathetic at best ! The only growth at CCH is the MANAGEMENT clique ! IMO

  12. Mrs Despatie is only one in hundreds or thousands who receives big money and patients and doctors see nothing. Doctors work mighty long hours and the responsibilities are mighty great. Nurses as well are overworked just like the doctors and get nothing but the big CEOs of hospital in all cities and towns get paid fortunes. All the money that you donate to hospitals goes to the CEOs.

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