Harper Conservatives Win Key Bye Elections in Whitby/Oshawa & Yellowhead NOV 18, 2014

harperCFN – A win is a win.   In spite of the Del Mastro and Senate scandals.  In spite of a past due date being a buzz phrase, in spite of his political obit being written, in spite of media reports of his stepping down for a new leader,  Stephen Harper’s Conservatives notched two bye election victories Monday night.

While voter turn out was extremely low, approximately 15 and 30% in the ridings of Yellowhead and Whitby/Oshawa both voted Blue.

The plumb vote was in former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s riding of Whitby/Oshawa which while hard fought stayed Conservative.

Winner Pat Perkins had more votes than the NDP and Liberals combined.

The NDP pulled in less than 10% of the votes in both bye elections showing that Thomas Mulcair and his Orange Crush have gone flat.

A bigger question is whether Justin Trudeau’s juggernaut has peaked early?   Mr. Harper has enjoyed an uptick in polling since the shooting on Parliament Hill.

What do you think CFN viewers?  If an election were held today who would you vote for?  You can click on your choice in our poll below or post your comment.

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  1. 15% – 30% voter turnout, what a show of force. This is not apathy it is simply an embarrassment that we as Canadians take democracy so lightly. Socialism seems to have a firm grip on the nation as we continue to demonstrate that we wish to relinquish control of our destiny.

  2. and Stephen Harper will win the next election too….tell them you heard it from me!

  3. David Oldham…agreed. An embarrassment in the numbers that showed up.

    Stan…Two strong Con ridings, not really expected to go anything but to the Cons. The federal election next year will be much different.

  4. Socialism is the reason why voter turnout is always lower for by-elections. Socialism is the reason the Cons prevailed in the two by-elections yesterday. In fact, Socialism is probably the reason why it snowed on Sunday before I got my winter tires installed. We all get that.
    The result in Yellowhead was totally predictable in that the Cons would have won running a fencepost. However, the Lib vote was seven times higher than it was in 2011.
    In Whitby-Oshawa, the Cons ran a very well known and liked ex-mayor, and the Libs went with a relatively unknown woman with a funny name, but still, the Con support dropped by 9% and the Lib’s went up by 26% from the 2011 result.
    Given these results and the results of the last few by-elections, it’s clear why Justin Trudeau has the Cons losing sleep.

  5. I think people are missing the significance of the low numbers. The problem is that it doesn’t matter who is in power, it’s the same thing. All the political parties are so busy tearing each other down they don’t tell us what they stand for. Bottom line, nothing to vote FOR. Therefore, why vote?

    Politicians and wannabes, I would love to have a reason to vote FOR you, but right now there isn’t. So I continue not to vote, as do a lot of other people. Some day it may sink in.

  6. Author

    Marc what would work is spoiling your ballot or getting more involved. The bad guys count on people not voting. They win, you lose.

  7. Jamie, spoiling my ballot is the same as not voting. The number of people who don’t vote are also tabulated and the numbers are increasing. Politicians don’t understand that we are fed up.

    As for getting involved, as a reporter in Cornwall for 30 years I saw people with the best of intentions get into the system to try to effect change. In fact, some I supported in whatever way I could. In the end it wound up changing them and they became a politician.

    The only way to change things is not to vote and not to cast any ballot. That shows your disgust with what is on offer and I think a majority are starting to feel the same way. Maybe the politicians will clue in, eventually.

  8. Author

    No Marc it’s not. Spoiling your ballot is making your voice heard. Not voting is not. Not voting is shirking your right to vote and making your voice heard.

    Frankly I’m tired of excuses. In my near six short years at CFN I and the paper have had a number of successes making positive change and doing that in spite of brutal attacks that have nearly driven the paper to its demise.

    What I do see is a lot of Armchair warriors that don’t get off their duffs and make change happen and sadly the few who do get off their duffs don’t or won’t play nicely with others.

    It’s sad and the bad guys laugh all the way to the bank.

  9. Jamie, I appreciate your position. But I have just one question for you. Why are people talking about the huge number that did not vote and why is there very little about people spoiling their ballot? Which course of action is being heard? Which could have an impact on the politicians?

    Okay, so it’s more than one question…:)

  10. Marc….spoiling your ballot is NOT the same as not voting. Spoiling your ballot shows you do not support any of the candidates. Not voting is just pure laziness and apathy.

  11. Author

    Because Marc many did not vote and very few spoiled their ballots.

  12. If I were ever forced to vote like they do in Australia I would spoil the ballot. I will not vote. I don’t like Harpoon Harpo nor do I like Justine. In order for either side for me to vote there would have to be good candidates and even at that they have “OWNERS” YES OWNERS the big banksters as in gangsters which they are, the lobbyists and the big corporations and they own the politicians. The real owners are the ones who SELECT the bozos for we the slaves to vote for one of the bozos that they select and the bozos jump at every command that their owners give them. No tanks I will refrain from voting. Just listen to the comedian George Carlin on youtube. The same is true in the US “PAS DE DIFFERENCE”.

  13. Author

    Jules I thought we were going to cut down on the name calling?

  14. Jamie I just came on just now. My mouse is gone bonkers besides myself and I have to get another one. Jamie I do try so hard but it is a terrible habbit of mine. What can you do to stop it. LOL LOL. I will have to give it more effort.

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