View From The Hill By Keith Beardsley – Losing Is Winning – NOV 18, 2014

Dr. EvilCFN – Canadians woke up today to the realization that there were two bye-elections yesterday. You have to wonder how many outside of the Ottawa bubble even gave it a second thought. I will hazard a guess and say that more Canadians were probably talking about the weather than the results this morning.

The only thing interesting about the two bye-elections was that the Liberal leader’s office ended up believing their own rhetoric and talk points. How else do you explain sending your leader to Whitby for election night- to do what- smile and say with a lot of bafflegab that we lost.

Was it inexperience, over confidence, youthful enthusiasm or just plain recklessness on the part of the Liberal brain trust? It’s not good idea and doesn’t make much political sense to show your boss losing. It would be interesting to know who in his office came up with that bright idea. At least Mulcair had the sense to get out of town. Trudeau could just as easily have commented from Ottawa or issued a statement if they really had to have him spin that somehow losing was winning.

The Liberal-Tory votes pretty much echoed the 2006 results. All the ballyhoo about the Liberals over coming Flaherty’s lead in 2011 was nothing more than great spin on their part. Spin the media ate up if for no other reason than it made the contest appear to be interesting and a horse race.

No one should have expected the Conservative candidate to do as well as Flaherty. He was an incredible force in Canadian politics and as Finance minister often dominated the headlines. No new comer was going to match his results.

In the end no matter what the spin from the Liberal camp, they placed second in two contests. In our present system you either win or lose. The Liberals lost this time, twice in one night, so please spare us the spin, go back and do your homework and run your leader out when he has something important to say- perhaps a policy announcement that says what he actually stands for.

Keith Beardsley is a senior strategist for Cenco Public Affairs  in Ottawa, as well as a blogger and political analyst. He can often be found running or cycling on his favorite bike trails.

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  1. @Keith Beardsley

    Re: “spare us the spin,” people in glass houses!

    The Harper crowd, whom you served, are 24/7 on spin: so-called “Economic Action Plans” (all plan, no action–pure propaganda at the taxpayer’s expense), law and order for all (but not themselves), fiscal conservatism for all (but not themselves–Duffy, Wallin, del Mastro, helicopters, F-35s,armoured limos to India for the PM, etc. etc.), support the troops and shaft the veterans, trumpet democracy everywhere and trample it at home, big talk on “Canadian values” (what Canadian values–despise and attack those who don’t think like you?). The list is endless, and the damage incalculable.

    Instead of a government we have, as Tom Manley put it in an earlier post, spin and illusion. And contempt for democracy.

  2. Keith is good for a chuckle now and then.

  3. I agree with PJ Robertson. And time for Harper to be shown the door. That`ll come October 2015.

  4. Hugger, lots of smart people are predicting that Harper will walk in time for a new leader (Jason Kenney) to fight the next election.

  5. Furtz, we can only hope. But a new leader so close to an election is a very bad idea.

  6. Hugger, I’m pretty much convinced that Harper will jump ship. On this we agree… He’s toast.

  7. But when will he jump? The timing is important. Will his successor have the same fate as Kim Campbell? Leading (??) the party to win two seats in the election. When someone replaces a PM via a political convention I never see them as PM, they are acting PM. You want to be PM lead the party in the election and win, don’t be appointed at a convention.

  8. Most are saying early in the new year. Time for Kenney to be crowned, and lead them to defeat in the fall. Two seats would be great, but that will never happen again.

  9. Crowned acting PM, a clowning jewel to whomever wins the convention. The sooner the better Harper walks the plank the better. He has done so much damage to our once great country.

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