Cornwall Resident Myles Lynch Shoots Video for Sick Kids Program – NOV 18, 2014

Lynch SICK KIDSCFN – Local Cornwall resident, Myles Lynch, is a patient at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

His journey began upon being diagnosed with a genetic condition, cystic fibrosis, when he was born.

When Myles was 16 his lungs began to fail.

He was put on the wait list and in October of this year received a double lung transplant at SickKids.

Myles has recently gone home to Cornwall after fighting for his life.

Myles is part of a new SickKids campaign called ‘Better Tomorrows’, which launched on November 10. Until December 21, a different patient is featured every day in a 30-second spot produced for TV. The campaign invites audiences to witness several SickKids moments that deliver a jarring dose of perspective in a touching way. It’s centred on the tagline

“Make their tomorrow as good as your today.”


Myles’ TV spot reveals only a glimpse of the Lynch family’s journey at SickKids, their home away from home for the last year. Myles is also actively involved in promoting awareness for organ donors. He recently created a catchy YouTube video about the issue.


Alongside the daily videos, SickKids invites the community to participate in #GiveADay. The idea is to give up something and donate its value to SickKids. Through social media channels, followers have already started sharing their ideas – donating the value of their favourite restaurant meals, concert tickets and daily coffees.

To learn more about the Sick Kids you can visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

Photo:You Tube

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  1. Giving to the Children’s Hospital is a must and I can’t thank the doctors and nurses who have saved my precious daughter 35 years ago and I have the picture that one of the nurses took in the Neo Natal Unit at CHEO. Life is mighty precious and the best of luck to this young man.

  2. Best of luck to Myles Lynch and CHEO is the best to give money and it is thanks to the doctors and nurses who saved my daughter 35 years ago. She was in the Neo Natal Unit for 3 weeks. CHEO does wonders and what this young man Myles has is genetic and medicine has come a long way. Best of luck to you Myles and keep up the good work.

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