Erin O’Toole is Pushing Me to Support the Liberals in the Next Election. By Jamie Gilcig

SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 – I am a hyper non partisan voter. I go one election at a time because I’ve seen the damage that partisan politics cause.

In politics sometimes you see some amazing potential in politicians. They usually let us down.

Mr. Trudeau let down a lot of his supporters because of his multitude of scandals and really bad cabinet making decisions. Government by focus group just doesn’t work.

Unbelievably he survived the last election because the Conservatives failed to put in place a leader worthy of votes. While their partisan base was still strong from the Harper years, it wasn’t enough to topple Trudeau; that’s how bad Mr. Scheer was as a pick.

In politics sometimes it’s not the best person you choose as leader, rather the person that can win.

The Cons have chosen Erin O’Toole. Not a ton is known of him, but he’s been making headlines since his victory and sadly each major quote and statement I read pushes me closer to Mr. Trudeau, warts, and he has a lot of warts, and all.

Politics have become very fluid these last few decades, toxic and fluid. Today’s the Liberals seem to be left of the NDP. A historically Red Tory like myself can’t find solid ground with the Cons and the Greens…well let’s not give them any ink in this piece.

We aren’t in election mode yet, but I don’t think we’re that far away.

In the meanwhile I listen, I read, and I hope that the stink of whomever I choose to vote for isn’t that strong.

While we know politicians will promise just about anything to anyone there’s always a blow back to certain promises they are quoted as making.

All politicians are liars. It’s part of the tool box, but most voters simply don’t like a bad liar. We want one that holds our suspension of disbelief so we can vote for them.

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