Gross Political Cronyism Funding the IPM in SD&G by Jamie Gilcig MAY 5, 2015

Jamie & FitzyCFN – A recent Standard Freeholder story starts off  with a very telling question.

“How do you justify spending $100,000 of tax money on marketing purposes?”

That’s what we call a “money question” not because of the cash in play, but because it rips to the root of the act.  You really can’t justify that payout.

Those are funds being given to the International Plowing Match and AG Expo being held in Finch.

Finch is a lovely place filled with lovely Conservatives.    Nothing wrong with that.  It’s a pretty place; home of Sue Stewart of whatever Corus is calling their radio station that fewer and fewer people listen to.

The money is Federal cash including money from the CFDC which last I checked was supposed to be about funding business.  Clearly that cash is not earmarked for doing that.   Promoting and paying for advertising is certainly not the mandate of the CFDC.


It’s embarrassing and the fact that people will murmur about it at coffee shops instead of demanding people’s resignations is what is most disturbing.

Cornwall has lost three festivals this year.  Maybe some of  that cash could have helped save them?

What’s even more disturbing is that MP Lauzon, his pet Monkey and Warden of the Counties Eric Duncan, and many of those writing the cheques for this $100K killed a small business incubator that was supposed to be based in Cornwall and at NAV CAN.  Looking at the empty store fronts in Cornwall I’d imagine $100K pumped into those is much better than a field in Finch.

Where are our elected officials priorities?  Cows?  Really? Plowing?  Hey, the plowing match is great.  I attended once, but it’s mostly an excuse for politicians to press the flesh and look at some cool tractors.

$100K of our tax money?  And that’s in addition to what this group has already received from various governments?

Ugh.   What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. I was in Cornwall last Sunday & while driving around Pitt & Second streets I was greatly shocked to see so many closed stores,some that I,d never even heard about, sad really

  2. Boy no matter what the subject these politicans can sure Spin/Plow stories in Freeholder and FREE seaway ad bag paper
    Just read Councillor David Murphys glowing reports on the Fred Page Cup.Both these “news organizations” seemed to rely on his word instead of reporting that fans were few and far between especially with Cornwall Colts out early.
    It had all the feel of the old boys club having a private party.Sorry I can’t afford to take my family at $17 a ticket when you include snacks and treats.Guess things will never change in this town. Hugger talked about exposure for the city well the CTV camera show an empty arena. If Carleton fans hadn’t arrived the organizers and volunteers would have outnumbered the fans.CFN wasn’t there Ottawa Citizen ran one story and social media on FPC was almost non existent or out of date

  3. Author

    Mel CFN was not contacted or invited to the Fred Page cup. Imagine, the largest newspaper in a city hosting an event and the organizers couldn’t be bothered to send us a press release….and they wonder why the seats are empty?

  4. Mr. Jamie
    To be clear I knew CFN had not been invited by “old boys club”

  5. Admin,

    I have seen your point made on a couple articles lately about CFN being the largest newspaper. I have been curious about the numbers? I mean no offence and am not challenging. I’m just interested as to the numbers in comparison? Thanks

  6. Cornwall is just an “old boys club” and will never change at all and is dead and buried. It won ‘t be long before the vast majority o people will be gone and there is no future at all for anyone. I would rather see it flooded over or have tons of hydro poles for electricity generation and nothing else. No mayor can change the mafia style governance that has been inflicted on the sheeple for many many years.

  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence Jules. We know you don’t like Cornwall. But to say “I would rather see it flooded over or have tons of hydro poles for electricity generation and nothing else” that is very low.

    And this story is about the feds giving money to the IPM, not Cornwall giving money to the IPM.

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