Paleo Princess Kristin Blasiak on the Joy’s of Cajun Breaded Pork Chops! MAY 4, 2015

pp pork chopCFN – Sometimes the simplest of recipes leads to some fantastic flavours!   Kristin Blasiak, our Paleo Princess shares her Cajun Breaded Pork Chop recipe below!


kristin paleo CROPPED

Tonight I was in the mood for some home style comfort food and anytime I think of this style of cuisine, I picture something breaded and juicy.

I thought that Porkchops would do the trick but we all know that bread crumbs are a major nono for the Paleo believer.

Good thing we have substitutions, one of my favourite being almond flour. I have used it many times in savoury and sweet dishes and although it isn’t the best thing to eat everyday, it is great when you want that breaded taste without the guilt.

I usually add some seasoning to the almond flour as it can taste quite bland on its own.

One of my go to spice mixtures is a Cajun blend; a bit of sweet and a bit of heat, just like me! Ha ha anyways, while baking this in the oven, I made some maple-glazed carrots for the side dish. A great pairing for my seemingly decadent but very healthy and Paleo meal. Yum!

As a Paleo devotee,   my successes and failures are dedicated to leading a healthy Paleo-inspired lifestyle.

Most of my recipes do not include exact measurements because I rely heavily on my intuition when cooking. These measurements also fluctuate depending on how many people you are cooking for and your personal preferences so I invite you to put your own personal spin on any recipes I post.

Please update me with any interesting additions or alterations to my recipes, I am always open to trying new things!

And please post your comments and questions below; especially how the recipe worked out when you try it!

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