SD&G Highlanders Numbers Down Under Steven Young’s Watch & Jim Brownell Cover Up – May 5, 2015

Brownell young mcdonell parkinsonCORNWALL Ontario – Lt-Col. Steven Young of the SD&G Highlanders, known as the Glens, will tell everyone who will listen that the unit is short staffed.  Since taking over the unit numbers have drifted to about half strength.

Could one of the reasons why the unit have such a low amount of soldiers be the fact that former Liberal MPP Jim Brownell is still the Honourary Colonel with the unit refusing to address Mr. Brownell’s participation in a facebook hate group that desecrated the Poppy?

We wrote about the cover up back in November 2014. ( LINK )   Mr. Brownell as of 6:31 AM  is still a member of this group, and an active one at that.

With Canada busy in different areas of the globe that means putting one’s life in harms way as a soldier in our armed forces.  That’s a noble act at any level and our soldiers deserve our respect and care when they are hurt.

Having an honourary Colonel supporting a mocking of what the poppy represents surely is not something that will attract our young people to sign up for duty.

The bigger question Mr. Young should be answering is why were Mr. Brownell’s actions tolerated and not condemned?  Why is he still representing the unit?

This writer predicts numbers will stay down until Mr. Brownell is removed from the unit.

What do you think Canada?   Should someone that didn’t defend the Poppy while wearing his uniform in his profile picture in such a group be given a free pass?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Reputations are very difficult to repair,The Glens should have done the right thing & removed him from the start, it,s a no brainer,for every action there is a reaction

  2. Brownell should be stripped of everything that he stood for and he is as low as can be and don’t forget he is a fiberal that doesn’t stand for anything good at all.

  3. Being a “fiberal” ‘splains everything, Jules.

  4. This article is a fine example of irresponsible and shoddy reporting. First, my rank and name are spelled wrong, and Jim Brownell’s rank is incorrect. Second, I was never interviewed – anything written in the article above is either second-hand information or purely hearsay on the part of the author. Third, the facts are, on the whole, incorrect. While it is true that my unit is on a recruiting drive, it is incorrect to say that we are short staffed; in fact, our officer cadre is full.

    While I do not normally waste valuable time to comment on blogs such as this, I do take issue with the low quality of reporting and inaccuracies of fact. Had anyone asked me in person, I could have told them about some of the work our soldiers have been doing: the officer doing disaster response in Nepal, another who has recently returned from a deployment to a hot spot in Africa, or others who are preparing to deploy on overseas operations over the coming months. Perhaps I would have mentioned the 42 members of this unit who are responsible for our unit receiving the “Afghanistan” battle honour last year. Or maybe those soldiers who have received recognition for actions under fire or exceptional service. However, I more than likely would have mentioned that part of the reason our unit numbers are temporarily down is that our soldiers are in such high demand. They are quality people who consistently perform to high standards. Reserve soldiers make model employees: they’re tough, they can think for themselves …and they check their facts.

    In closing, allow me to say that the real news this past week-end was the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands, part of which included a ceremony in Williamsburg attended by Dutch survivors, their families and friends who settled here after the War. I was honoured to have been able to take part in that particular celebration, to see how grateful those Canadians are for the freedom they now enjoy, and how they take time out to remember.

    Lest we forget.

    Stephen Young, BA, MA, CD
    Commanding Officer

    P.S. The public is invited to attend our own short “Victory in Europe” sunset commemoration ceremony to be held in front of the Armoury on Saturday, 9 May, at 7:00 PM. Parking is available on Fourth Street across from the flagpoles.

  5. Author

    Mr. Young you were asked for comment several times and refused. Mr. Brownell actions supporting the party that desecrated the Poppy is on the record and you have received the evidence in full, stated nothing, and refused to comment.

    That sir was the whole point of this for those of us that actually do respect our military and all that they have sacrificed and continue to.

    The fact that you as CO still allow Mr. Brownell to participate in events and wear the uniform is a dark shame on the noble and valiant history and reputation of our Canadian Armed forces, and all that have ever given the ultimate sacrifice which is why we honour the Poppy.

    If you can’t understand that then perhaps you yourself should not be wearing the uniform of our military either?

    As for your other statement this was the headline in other media. “FILL THE RANKS: Highlanders well short of soldiers, unit looks for volunteers” It certainly hasn’t been the first time that you’ve made a similar public statement or appeal. This was your quote from that story. “I’m short a lot of guys,”

    Likewise calling the largest newspaper in your city with over 19 million human page views in 2014 a blog is like us calling soldiers boy scouts. It’s a pointless criticism and certainly explains more about yourself than what truly CFN is. Your unit was certainly happy enough when “this blog” helped you get a beer sponsor for the St. Andrews Ball, right? Free beer for 450 people? Again, Mr. Young, your comments show a clear prejudice, hypocrisy, and ignorance.

  6. Stephen Young,You still have not answered or commented on the shame of Mr. Brownell’s participation in a facebook hate group that desecrated the Poppy? My dad fought on Vimy Ridge & my father-in-law fought in Holland.They deserve better respect.

  7. Stephen Young men of honour do not pride themselves in avoidance but rather in engagement. Head on in an intelligently thought out manner is a mark of military strength. While I understand your desire to set the record straight if you have not met the challenge offered by this media then you sir continue to be mired in avoidance and the resultant speculation by the public at large.

    You have an opportunity to provide leadership and set an example why not take command in a positive way?

    Lest we forget.

  8. It’s the usual CF story:
    Lots of chiefs, but short on fodder.
    Lots of bucks for pageantry but parents have to reach into their pockets to bury their children.
    The CF is quick to establish partnerships for freebies from retailers, but quick to cut their partnership with damaged ex-members.

  9. Stephen Young if you go over to Afghanistan or anywhere else dressed with a kilt and play those bagpipes you will all be laughed at and sent home so fast that your kilt and bagpipes will be leading the way home. As for Brownell he is a shame to any unit in military or as an ordinary citizen and should not be representing anything political either. Brownell should hang his head down so low that he would be picking up ants off the ground.

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