Khadr vs Emery $10M Award & Apology Make No Sense – by Jamie Gilcig JULY 8, 2017

Khadr vs Emery $10M Award & Apology Make No Sense – by Jamie Gilcig JULY 8, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Omar Khadr has had a tragic life.   We may never fully know the details of what occurred from when he moved from Canada to what would be become a hot mess that resulted in his detention by US forces in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and ultimately being given an apology by the Canadian Government and a big bag of cash.

It should be noted that Mr. Khadr was born in Canada.  He’s a Canadian citizen who was taken to the Middle East where he became a child soldier.

While this article won’t focus on his confession taken under extreme conditions, he has apologized to the widow of US Sgt Christopher Speer, a medic that died at his hand.

Essentially Canadian taxpayers are paying for harm done by US forces, under US detention, under both Liberal and Conservative Canadian Governments.

But after reading the rhetoric that has been this case how does our government hand over an apology and $10M to Khadr and say nothing over the Marc Emery case of extradition to the US over the sale of Marijuana seeds?

Mr. Emery broke no Canadian laws at the time.  Paid his taxes, employed Canadians, but a Conservative anti marijuana Harper government seemed to relish his extradition to a US jail where at one point he contracted a near fatal infection.

In other words the Canadian government failed to protect Mr. Emery’s rights as  Canadian citizen, taxpayer, and business person.

While the Canadian government probably should’ve done more to assist Mr. Khadr, clearly, child or not, he’s apologized for the death of Sgt Speer.   Why not sue the US government instead of Canadian?

While there’s lots of chafe and injustice in Mr. Khadr’s story, the basics are that he fought and killed, was tortured by US forces, and somehow sued the Canadian Government and collected a $10M settlement.    In this writer’s opinion it would make sense if he simply donated the cash award to Sgt. Speer’s widow and family.

The bigger question is why is the Trudeau government spotlighting this case when so many other, much more deserving injustices get ignored each and every day in Canada?

Of course only our PM and his government can answer that question; but for millions of Canadians, of all stripes, especially our armed forces who have to fight for every penny of support they get after coming home wounded or broken, this $10M award is sour.

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