Khadr vs Emery $10M Award & Apology Make No Sense – by Jamie Gilcig JULY 8, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Omar Khadr has had a tragic life.   We may never fully know the details of what occurred from when he moved from Canada to what would be become a hot mess that resulted in his detention by US forces in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and ultimately being given an apology by the Canadian Government and a big bag of cash.

It should be noted that Mr. Khadr was born in Canada.  He’s a Canadian citizen who was taken to the Middle East where he became a child soldier.

While this article won’t focus on his confession taken under extreme conditions, he has apologized to the widow of US Sgt Christopher Speer, a medic that died at his hand.

Essentially Canadian taxpayers are paying for harm done by US forces, under US detention, under both Liberal and Conservative Canadian Governments.

But after reading the rhetoric that has been this case how does our government hand over an apology and $10M to Khadr and say nothing over the Marc Emery case of extradition to the US over the sale of Marijuana seeds?

Mr. Emery broke no Canadian laws at the time.  Paid his taxes, employed Canadians, but a Conservative anti marijuana Harper government seemed to relish his extradition to a US jail where at one point he contracted a near fatal infection.

In other words the Canadian government failed to protect Mr. Emery’s rights as  Canadian citizen, taxpayer, and business person.

While the Canadian government probably should’ve done more to assist Mr. Khadr, clearly, child or not, he’s apologized for the death of Sgt Speer.   Why not sue the US government instead of Canadian?

While there’s lots of chafe and injustice in Mr. Khadr’s story, the basics are that he fought and killed, was tortured by US forces, and somehow sued the Canadian Government and collected a $10M settlement.    In this writer’s opinion it would make sense if he simply donated the cash award to Sgt. Speer’s widow and family.

The bigger question is why is the Trudeau government spotlighting this case when so many other, much more deserving injustices get ignored each and every day in Canada?

Of course only our PM and his government can answer that question; but for millions of Canadians, of all stripes, especially our armed forces who have to fight for every penny of support they get after coming home wounded or broken, this $10M award is sour.

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  1. Khadr is not some ordinary Canadian and comes from a family of terrorists and Jamie did you know that I saw him when I first came to Ottawa along with his family – yes on Heron and Alta Vista Drive. These people were going to the library and so did I and I made sure to go faster ahead so as not to have anything to do with them. The money is going to the widow of the medic in the US and not Kahdr

  2. Ha-ha. The money is going to Khadr. The gov’t did an end run so he couldn’t be sued by the widow of the medic he killed. I hope the widow still goes ahead with the case.

  3. Hugger (I almost called you Kahdr by accident) because I was on sites that are talking about this case. The widow of the medic from the US is going to get the money and Kahdr should be in prison and whipped till death like they do in the Middle East. I am 100% to see Kahdr dead. Do you all know that Muslims are being brought to Canada and the west to kill all of us NON BELIEVERS (NON MUSLIMS).

  4. Khadr should have gotten $20m and the Order Of Canada.

  5. I hope the medics widow does get the money already handed to Khadr. But as seeing the case is being heard in the U.S. there is a jurisdiction issue. Would a Canadian court uphold a ruling from a foreign court? And if so how would the decision be enforced? This will be interesting to follow.

  6. Call Khadr guilty of treason or call him a convicted terrorist take your pick. Bottom line Omar is free as a bird and has been compensated despite his crimes. Speer has been shafted by the Canadian government, her husband is still dead, Morris is still blind in one eye and justice well you decide. Crime pays who wants to be the victim anymore?

  7. Hugger Kahdr was not a legal soldier who fought for Canada and was an illegal mercenary. We are the ally of the US and yes they can make things very hard for Canada. President Trump can even build a wall between Canada and the US and can even cut off ties with us for defence, etc. etc. etc. The US is the strongest power in the entire world. Lots of things can be done.

  8. I’ve been reading some articles lately that say the U.S. is NOT the power it once was and this is a direct result of Tronald Dump being President. I tend to agree seeing how Tronald Dump is treated by other world leader.

    What I think pisses off Canadians is he was mistreated(??) at Guantanamo Bay and we have to pay for that. And paying terrorists is another piss off for Canadians!!!

  9. Hugger Kahdr was not in the Canadian military and was a terrorist in Afghanistan. Canadian born or not he is a terrorist at any age. In the Middle East there are plenty of child soldiers and when you are capable of firing a weapon no matter what it is you are no longer a child but an adult so you pay the price like an adult. Canada is not responsible for the terrorist Kahdr.

  10. Author

    Jules please respect the updated comment rules. We want to still allow comments, but everyone has to do their part to make it work.

  11. Yes I know Khadr was not in the Canadian military when he attacked the American soldier.

  12. A minor is shot and seized in a foreign country, jailed and tortured, denied process, tried with dubious evidence by an unrecognized court, pleads guilty in exchange for return to his birth country (whose agents had illegally colluded with his captors).
    And yet… a “poll” suggests it’s wrong to pay damages for screwing him over — Fortunately, in Canada, “Rule of Law” prevails over the mob.

  13. A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist.

  14. Kahdr went over to Afghanistan with his father to do terrorism and at age 7 is the age of reason and yes kids that age know when they are doing something wrong let alone a 15 year old. The Kahdr family are terrorists and this is what kind of a government we have to let in such scum into Canada. This is the fault of the Canadian government who are bringing terrorists.


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  16. We are all talking about this case on line and we have a lot of freedom of speech and we are all against this payout to a convicted terrorist. Americans found out about this as well and they are very much against this and I told them that I never voted for Trudeau and never will. I know too much about Pierre that would shock all of you as much as it shocked me – really really evil to the core.

  17. I was more than happy when President Trump ignored Justin that I was jumping up and down in my seat with happiness. That was the best laugh that I had in a long long time. I don’t ever want to see or hear of Justin ever again when he is finished if he gets to finish his term and Canada will be finished. We are all talking about this on line.

  18. I know because I know….arrggghhhh! !!!!

  19. I hope that the Spears widow sues Omer Kahdr to the hilt to take back that money that was owed to her. Trudeau protects terrorists and Kahdr was no child but has terrorist parents who are living here in Canada. Canada protects terrorists. Look at what happened today in Edmonton Alta. a Somali Islamic terrorist and is protected by Trudeau. I am very ashamed of Canada very ashamed.

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