Lauzon A Pigeon With No Roost as Trudeau Gains Majority – Clement Back to Council by Jamie Gilcig

Canadians have spoken, and loudly, condemning Stephen Harper and rebuking his policies to the point of giving Justin Trudeau and his Liberals a full majority.

Thomas Mulcair and his NDP fared even worse than Harper sliding back to their traditional less than 50 seats.

Locally Guy Lauzon handily beat City Councilor Bernadette Clement for a second election, but finds himself a MP without a PM to take orders from or pander to and will sit in the opposition for what undoubtedly be his last term before retiring.

Voter turnout for SD&SG was nearly 60% with Lauzon capturing 23,685 votes to Clement’s 18,229.    Patrick Burger pulled in less than less than 4,000 votes for the NDP.

In Glengarry Prescott Russell, the riding followed the Liberal tide with Francis Drouin pounding Conservative incumbent Pierre Lemieux 28,657 to 19,354.

Gord Brown held on for the Conservatives in Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes by a narrow margin of 21,842 to 18,550 for Liberal Mary Jean McFall.

Clearly the results will be downfalls for both Mulcair and Harper, and the big questions will be how will Justin Trudeau resolve the many promises he made that led to his election victory?

Locally the big question is whether Clement should resign from council as she has run just about every term for other office (and failed).

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Were you surprised by the results?   You can post your comments below.



  1. I have put my flag at half mast,as Canada is now in great peril

  2. TANK GAWD!! Canada has rid itself of the nastiest most divisive and deceitful government in recent memory.

  3. Mary, I took mine down. The so called Harper reign of terror has ended and the Trudeau reign of error has begun. Bad news for seniors your income just dropped. Great news for terrorists who will be protected by the Liberal government and anyone wishing to use our charter to their benefit (prior to becoming a faceless Canadian). Cannabis legalization is a mere formality as it was the first Liberal party platform announced by Pierre’s son. I won’t stick around to pay the higher taxes that will come with the massive debt that young Trudeau is about heap onto the Canadian taxpayer as interest rates slowly begin to rise.

    Think about it…Ontario, thanks to the mismanagement and corruption of the Liberals has been a have not province since 2009. Now the country under a massive zero productivity temporary make work approach will join Greece writhing under a massive debt load just as interest rates begin to slowly rise.

    Sit back, light a blunt and lull yourself into the mindset that everything will be fine, just fine. After all we have the piece of mind knowing that the budget will balance itself. If you doubt this just remember Justin feels that we can add up the numbers ourselves as he stated that he really couldn’t be bothered. It just wasn’t a concern of his. Money is not a problem, you just borrow more when you run out.

    All is good. More welfare, more handouts, more government and legal pot. The future is bright.

  4. Canada is now on the road to recovery with the Liberal win. Unfortunately SD&G didn’t vote for change. We will still be the Land of the Lost but at least Guy will have an excuse to do nothing.

    Let’s all hope that we have left the time of hyper partisanship in the past along with Mr. Harper. Maybe he can get on the board of directors for the same companies that Mulroney is on. They can sit around and lament about the good old times when they were Kings.

  5. Mary Bray….you actually liked what Harpoon Harper did to Canada? He was booted out for a reason. That reason being Canadian as a whole did not like what he did to our country.

  6. Any party that runs low-life scum like Julian Fantino and Paul Calandra as candidates deserves the big boot. Any party that regularly engages in election cheating and fraud deserves the big boot. I could go on…
    Relax David. Doug Ford will step up and rebuild the party in time for the next election.

  7. Author

    Now Furtz. The Liberals ran Clement, didn’t they? And they already have their first scandal in campaign co chair Mr. Regnier. None of the parties are immune from politics 🙂

  8. David Oldham…..The Liberals have already said they will NOT be touching income splitting by seniors. That was a lie put out there by Harpoon Harper and his Con croonies.

  9. Doug Ford? Why not Rob Ford??

  10. Do tell….Liberals…. Clement….first scandal in campaign co chair Mr. Regnier……??

  11. I fully agree with you Mary and Mr. Oldham. If things are bad now just wait a little lwhile and see what will happen. Both Justine and Thomas the Cat want to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants into Canada and who is going to support the mess that the US created. For God sake the US destroyed Vietnam and other countries and are destroying the Middle East and for what a dictator. This has nothing to do with a dictator but for a dictator to be a yes man to the US and to install Rothschild banks that are not acceptable and that is the real reason besides oil. The ISIS bunch has all the US technology now and has the drones and there will be trouble for sure. Nothing has surfaced just now but the surprises will happen sooner than one thinks. Canadians like Yankess cannot think well in advance and Justine will make deficits like you wouldn’t believe and taxes will rise significantly to pay for what he wants done.

  12. Although I did not vote for Bernadette Clement, she ran a dignified campaign. She has run twice as a federal candidate and lost, but had the guts and stamina to have done so against Mr. Lauzon – which all polls indicated would win. Ms. Clement should be proud of her courage, stamina and convictions. As should Mr. Burger and Ms. Kennedy. Attacking our neighbours for having participated in this election and standing in the public eye, being subjected to mean spirited opinion and derision, but maintaining their decorum to ensure we have the benefit of a democratic process should only be praised and thanked. Thank you to all the candidates who ran and especially to those who did so with very few funds.

  13. Hugger1… I was referring to the TFSA that Trudeau promised to reduce to meaningless levels so that we cannot transfer from our RRSP’s to TFSA to save income tax and realize purposeful ROI. In a low interest environment TFSA help seniors stay ahead of poverty.

    Clement was a lame duck candidate with a poor record. Certainly not enough clout to knock out Guy Lauzon as was evidenced on election night. The Liberal Party went from third place and less than 40 seats to a majority with a comfortable buffer. Had the Liberal Party chose to run a quality candidate Guy would have been ousted like so many of his associates.

    I think Admin meant Gagnier and not Regnier. That certainly qualifies as the firest scandal by Liberal standards.

  14. My only regret is i had no other choice but to give Mrs Clement my vote.Other wise my vote would have hands down been given to Mr. Lauzon.My time and certainly my vote this election DID NOT MATTER IT WAS TOTALLY WASTED ON MRS.CLEMENT
    Go Liberals GO

  15. “Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred.” Vaclav Havel (1936-2011)

    Justin Trudeau has delivered, and Canada will become Canada again.

  16. There are the feathered pigeons on my roof of my building. Maybe I can get the super to make a pidgeon nest just for Tit Guy and can fly to the Parliament Bldgs. from Ottawa South and wouldn’t have far to fly.

  17. Author

    Mrs. Clement? Does Kim know about that? 🙂

  18. flags at half mast or taken down altogether? guys, get real. this election has meant for the majority of voting Canadians that flags can again wave freely, passionately. the Libs didn’t win so much as the cons lost. the cons chose a strategy of bullying, making jokes about a man’s “good” hair and paranoia about one woman’s “bad” face covering. so very sad that Bernadette missed the wave. smiles, teeth whitening and nose-crinkling weren’t enough. even a photo-op when JT was in town should have been strategic must…even in the most superficial way. so sad. educated, experienced, bilingual…her only problem is a town that won’t think. she could have/should have leveraged CFN readers support to her advantage. so many missed opportunities.

  19. Author

    Even more weird when her team was talking up social media and the importance of the net. Boycotting the city’s largest media outlet that is online only sorta shows a say one thing, do another attitude…..

  20. Jamie your paper is the very best out there and that is the truth and the toilet papers of record cannot compete with the best which is yours so they get all “huffy” and jeolous as can be and form their clique “small town minds” and this is Cornwall’s problem. I have heard so many stories about the “goings on in Cornwall” when we lived there and anybody who would come from another town or another country was not wanted by very many people. We went through our hell and never were accepted. I know some of what you are going through. Cornwall will have to go through many changes to become better but in no way will it change as long as they have that same mentality.

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  22. Time will tell whether or not Trudeau is simply a trained monkey. This election was won not on the merit of leadership and substance but out of a desire to oust Harper. Less than 40% of the popular vote puts the Liberals in the same support range that the Conservatives had previously. No bragging rights on total support just on the fact that enough Canadians wanted something different. Hopefully this monkey has good handlers to keep him in line. Sound bites, good hair and billions of dollars in promises won’t account for much unless there is underneath all the hype some measure of substance.

    The ad board on Brookdale is announcing Cornwall’s first vape lounge (cannabis) and an LP approached council about two months ago now. Perhaps cannabis (marijuana) will be Cornwall’s niche in the future. Better than pedophiles and smuggling. Go Liberals go.

    The best news is that Wynne stated that if Justin won she would drop her hair brained idea of a new provincial pension (tax) system. This is good for the working poor and people with half a brain.

  23. David Oldham….how about we give Justin Trudeau some time before we start calling him names? Election campaigns are one thing, running the country is something else. Perhaps it was about getting Harpoon Harper and his cronies out. It seems that most of the country had had enough of Harper and his minions. The nation has spoken, how about we go with that? Yes, the winner only had 40% of the popular vote. But that’s how it works for now. Justin Trudeau has said one of his things to do is reform the electoral system.

    I’ll believe than Wynne will drop the ORPP when I see it.

  24. 68.3% voter turnout…..highest in 20 years.

  25. It’s going to take a long long time for the Cons to rebuild and redefine their party. The damage Harper did to the Cons and Canada won’t be undone overnight. As long as Trudeau doesn’t transform into a reptilian kitten-eater, he’ll be PM for at least ten years.

  26. Author

    Actually Furtz Harper did rebuild and unite his party. He did, under whatever circumstances, get to govern for a decade. His party was not decimated like the NDP was or the Liberals in the prior election. They have four years to reboot, as opposed to rebuild and will have Trudeau’s record to build against.

    And don’t be surprised if Harper himself comes back in the next election 😉

  27. Couldn’t agree less, Jamie.

  28. Jamie, unless Canadians are seized with collective madness or amnesia, Stephen Harper is finished, and with him the Harper brand of relentless nastiness, division, and power for its own sake. As for the Conservative Party, yes, it will survive and even rebuild itself only if it embraces the progressive thinking and values of the party of Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney and Robert Stanfield. That means electing a progressive conservative as leader.

    Poetic justice with a vengeance this past Monday,October 19, 2015: driven by an obsession to finish the Liberals and the legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and remake Canada in his own image, Stephen Harper got himself driven out–humiliated, some might say–by the son. He has only himself to blame. A cautionary tale with untold damage to Canada in the process..

  29. Author

    Rhetoric aside PJ Mr. Harper still saw 99 seats stay blue with plenty of popular vote in spite of all the issues. It should be a much more interesting election next time around.

    or not 🙂

  30. The toxic stink of Harper will permeate the party for years. Just like Mike Harris did to the Ontario PCs. If Trudeau meets or exceeds expectations over the next four years, the Con’s seat count will drop like a stone (again) in the next election.

  31. What do you mean by rhetoric aside, Jamie? It’s on the record that the election was largely a referendum on Harper. Also on the record that Harper was driven by a desire to destroy the LIberals and Pierre Trudeau’s legacy. As for the 99 re-elected, how many of those are progressives?

  32. Voters were seized with collective madness or amnesia, they voted Liberal. Higher taxes, massive deficit spending to fund temporary jobs among other things. Holding wealthier Canadians responsible to fund entitlements for a middle class that is now better off for the first time than their American cousins. Negotiating with terrorists and keeping them “in the Canadian family” regardless of the harm that they might do to us. Promising to legalize cannabis when decriminalization has proven to be effective in other jurisdictions around the world (Portugal being just one example. Enough for now.

    You are right Hugger1 lets give the rope some slack and see what the future holds for Canada under the “vote for change” Liberals. The wheels of government take time to stop and change direction. For the next year or so we will continue to feel the effects of the previous administration. Lets review in two years time to be fair to all parties and to our new supreme leader.

  33. Furtz, have you heard the rumours: closet sales are up in Conservative circles, and Conrad Black is thinking of duking it out with the Ford brothers for leadership of the CPC? Meanwhile, View from the Hill has been strangely silent. View from the Closet next?

  34. Pierre Trudeau’s legacy? Higher taxes, massive deficits, failure to bring Quebec on board, divisive multicultural policies, continued double standard on equality issues on a number of levels, bloated government departments.

    Trudeau chose domestically an interventionist economy over a free enterprise approach. Internationally he sided with Marxism-Leninism over liberal democracy.

    David Frum whose piece in the Wall Street Journal “A Great Man, but a Catastrophic Prime Minister is worth the read to refresh peoples memory and understanding of his mythical legacy. Let us not forget Pierre Trudeau shouting “Viva Castro”. Although it is likely that most Canadians have. Not me. My concern is that the fruit may not have fallen far enough from the tree and I am therefore deeply concerned for the future of my country.

  35. PJ, I will be taking out a party membership so I can vote for Doug Ford for leader.
    It’s quite hilarious how furious the Harperites are over the election results. Pierre Trudeau? Seriously? Relax David. After all, it was God who defeated Harper.

  36. On one hand “massive deficit spending” (not true) ” negotiating with terrorists” (not true); on the other hand “let’s give the rope some slack.” Sucking and blowing at the same time?

  37. Bringing up or referencing David Frum is a joke. He’s the clown who wrote a book praising George “Dubya” Bush, saying that he was a misunderstood genius! Frum has as much credibility as Ezra Levant.

  38. Cognitive problems? Or is it literacy?

    Furtz was that the Baptist God or the Spaghetti God? Are colanders appropriate for swearing in ceremonies? Is there such a thing as a “dress” colander for special occasions?

  39. Stainless steel colanders are usually required for formal affairs.
    Not set in stone, but conventional standards seem to indicate that stainless is preferred to plastic.

  40. Furtz…I accept that all people have bias as a result of their collective experiences. I also accept that leaders in democracies achieve their roles by popularity (for one reason or another) or achieve their victory by virtue of being the perceived lesser of evils (Canada’s last election as an example “vote for change”) While some prove to be worthy of praise and others not so much after their respective term(s) they all initially met popular approval. History doesn’t however doesn’t lie. Albeit some individuals choose to ignore fact and evidence in favour of their own bias. This is why some believe, for example, that the holocaust did not happen despite the reality that it did. We can argue bias, we can argue interpretations but arguing a fact or simple truth is a fools game.

  41. Makes sense Furtz that stainless steel would be better than the rust of them. Thanks I have an important event coming up.

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