LTE Jack White of Toronto on Illegal Alien Perks in Canada APRIL 2, 2017

Dear Editor,
When a Canadian crosses into Canada without reporting to Canada Customs, the next time they pass through a customs checkpoint,  the have their vehicle confiscated.  When a Canadian carries a person into Canada without first checking with Canada Customs, the are arrested and charged with human smuggling.
However, when an illegal immigrant smuggles an infant into Canada, they are not charged.  No, they get help with any items needed, free car service from RCMP to a checkpoint, where they fill in some forms, get free help in locating all of the free services available.  They get free press and political spin on how great a risk they took during their cab ride to the road that lead to the unprotected Canadian border.
And, all of this paid by Canadian taxpayers who would be charged with a major crime for doing the same.
Am I missing something?
Jack White – Toronto

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