Dear Editor, When a Canadian crosses into Canada without reporting to Canada Customs, the next time they pass through a customs checkpoint,  the have their vehicle confiscated.  When a Canadian carries a person into Canada without first checking with Canada Customs, the are arrested and charged with human smuggling. However,Continue Reading

  If cigarettes weren’t sexy and cool, people wouldn’t use them. Men smoke, boys don’t but you too, have come a long way, Baby. The big fancy military-industrial-complex drones, the small amateur drones, the cargo dumping planes, the sixteen police agencies, border patrols,  the flotilla of Mohawk submarines, hot airContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – If proven guilty it should be interesting to one day learn if the Cedars on Wheels people chose their location because it was right across the street from the police station in Cornwall; something that CCPS Deputy Chief Danny Aikmen termed as “Bold”. Guns and Drugs, rightContinue Reading