Project HARDEN Gun & Drug Den Was Across The Street From Cornwall Police Station – PROJECT HARDEN VIDEO

Cedars Police StationCORNWALL Ontario – If proven guilty it should be interesting to one day learn if the Cedars on Wheels people chose their location because it was right across the street from the police station in Cornwall; something that CCPS Deputy Chief Danny Aikmen termed as “Bold”.

Guns and Drugs, right across the street with many officers, politicians, and even journalists like myself dropping in to eat and chat.   Maybe that’s why such a total invasion was done including shattering the front glass door?

I found Pierre and Paul very personable.  The food was great and they certainly moved a lot of it.   They even bought an ad here on CFN.

Project Harden brought out all of the VIP’s and talking heads.

The shared their bounty from the alleged busts.

HARDEN money & coke

I found it odd that for such a large and extensive project so little was picked up.  Even the picture of the cash seems to be mostly of small denomination bills.

Only 8 hand guns were presented to media as well.

hand gun serial number rubbed off

The serial numbers were filed off; just like in the TV shows.

I asked a how much Project Harden cost taxpayers and the police refused to answer that question.    It also seems odd that such a large project would yield such a small amount at the end of the day. I also asked if it was common for an operation like this to allegedly be set up right across the street from a police station?

A single hand gun off the street is a good thing.  Eight is even better, but did it cost $500,000 to make that happen?  A million?  Two?

All these entities working together is nice to see, but could it also lead to the bad guys getting some info and do some damage control?

Cornwall has historically been an entry point for a lot of things, but like cigarettes hasn’t much of the trade moved downriver closer to Valleyfield?

What Project Harden more about making Politicians in Ottawa feel better than really making an impact on the illegal trade of fire arms?

For now the wheels of Justice will turn, slowly, but faster than they will for Cedars on Wheels ever again.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Shattering the front glass door was done because they (the owners) wouldn’t open it. I know a person who was able to watch some of the operation from their office window. Figuring out the cost of Project Harden would be next to impossible. As to why they set up shop across the street from the police station and city hall I guess we’ll never know. There is a large “worker” population in the area, as well as a high school a few blocks away. Could that have played into their decision to open there?

  2. the good news is you can still order food from Cedars on Wheels. BUT the delivery might take 7 to 10 years on good behaviour.Just sayin I guess i could wait.

  3. Getting these guns off the street and putting these people out of buisness is a great thing regardless of the cost. It may have “only been 8 hand huns ” this time but who knows how many guns had been smuggled and sold by these guys previously and how many more would have been , if not for this bust. At least the supply line is broken for now and hopefully for good.

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