Letter to the Editor from Pastor Tom Newton – Why I Don’t Believe in Monkey Theology

Letters to the Editor by Pastor Tom Newton:

Why don’t I believe in Monkey Theology?

There is a rising revolt against Darwinism in the scientific community. The old monkey theology is rapidly being replaced by “Intelligent Design”.

What is happening is that true scientists after looking at “Creation” with a real objective scientific mind set, and analyzing the data without a bias to promote humanism are now discovery the eminence complexity of all living creatures. They are coming to the conclusion that evolution, the time lapse theory, doesn’t work, it doesn’t answer the questions of complexity.

Complexity points to a designer, while random mutations (natural selection) fails to account for awesomeness of all living things – especial when one looks a cellular function and structure.

Now take Richard Dawkins, he would swear that “evolution” is fact, but when it comes to the origin of life, Dawkins abandons the “big bang” theory for alien seeding. Why? Darwinism, evolution, natural selection falls short, infinitely short of explaining anything of life’s beginning, and progress. The scientific facts discovered today with today’s technology does not add up nor does it support Darwinism nor the evolution theory.

Darwin/evolution is nothing but a religion of secular humanism imposed upon the data i.e. interpretation of that data in order to rid God from His universe. This was C. Darwin’s life goal. This is not science, but religious bigotry!


One last note, these scientists, with great credentials in all the fields of science, are not believers in God, they do not profess to be Christians at all, in fact, many abhor even the idea of being called a Christian, but they do say given the scientific data collected with today’s technology, and laying aside this “religious bigotry” of the established scientific community, they interpret the data they have found and overwhelmingly reject Darwinism – evolution. Another theory has to be considered! Intelligent Design! These ones are in a great sense “real’ scientists, compared to the proselytes of Darwin.


  1. Yes Newton, and the Universe and everything in it is six thousand years old.

  2. We are not derived from monkeys because otherwise we would have stayed that way. A lot of animals have more intelligence than some humans so no we are not derived from animals.

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  4. Jules, I have a magic goat living in my barn who told me that everything the talking snake told me was the absolute truth. Not only that, but I have a very trustworthy chicken who backs up everything my magic goat says 100%. With solid evidence like that, there’s absolutely no way that anyone with a functioning brain can believe that humans descended from monkeys. There are exceptions of course.

  5. Furtz you are something else. LOL LOL. ROLF! I call my husband the old goat and I took a picture out of a calender and I hung it on the wall here and wrote his name on the picture. I have my own old goat here at home and he sure isn’t magical but a real scream. LOL LOL. You are hilarious.

  6. Furtz – rejects monkey theology for spaghetti theology! What a theologian – a fence rider, committed only to what his talking children mandates – what a spiritual walk. You can have your delusion – I will stay in the Light.

  7. Hey Newton… My talking chicken agrees with your imaginary god! Why would you knock that?

  8. Pastor the way people talk today they sound like the low life trashcan Kardashians who have no brains at all. All you see are the stupid idiot sheeple walking around with a cell phone in their hands. Believe me the chickens and the sheep and goats and all animals have more brains than a lot of humans and I bet that they can speak better and in comprehension.

  9. A little update… I just had a quick meeting with my magic goat and talking chicken. We all agreed that Newton is nuts, and his imaginary god needs reprogramming. We believe that the original problem was caused by a defective talking snake. Microsoft has a free download that will repair the program.

  10. No credible scientist nor Darwin himself would promote human descent from monkeys.

    And creationists and fundamentalists seem to promote this non-existent theory, only to make their fables somehow credible.

    Give it a rest… Love your God and your neighbour; the rest is commentary.

  11. My husband and I used to see a man in Cornwall who would walk with his dog and he was teaching the dog to talk and he did talk but not too well in understanding but the dog made great effort. Today in the grocery store a dog for the dsabled was so good and better behaved than most humans – a golden retriever – and he was sniffing wondering where the dog food is located. I love dogs.

  12. Hey Jules, My talking chicken can recite almost all of The Gospel According to the Flying Spaghetti Monster with hardly any mistakes! She really is an amazing bird. Way smarter than my magic goat…

  13. LOL LOL. ROLF! Furtz you are a living wonder and I love you because you are hilarious. Nothing would surprise me in the least. Back in the 70’s era at Billings Bridge a parrot used to whistle every time I went by the pet store and I was very pregnant. A man was also in the hall and I was scared. I told my husband about that again lately going by the pet store and we both roared with laughter

  14. I’d put my talking chicken up against Newton’s talking snake any time.

  15. Furtz I just found something just for you after talking about your magic goat and magic chicken look at this: Watch this baboon’s mind get completely blown by magic trick.
    https:/ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-buzz/watch-this-baboons-mind-set-completely-blown-by-135848569.html?nhp=1 There is the baboon with the magic tricks being pulled on him and thinking about you. LOL LOL.

  16. Furtz Newton’s talking snake is “the devil” and nobody can outbeat the devil except God Himself. You may not believe in God or the devil but I sure do Furtz – I was never like the way I feel nowadays and I became quite a believer. Your talking chicken is a good chicken and I love animals. I have witnessed a dog trying to talk and I thought that I needed a psychiatrist badly after seeing that.

  17. Jules, My talking chicken is way smarter than Newton and his talking snake combined! And you are correct… Fairy-tales and myths about imaginary gods and devils don’t play large in my life. The only real god is The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and that’s a proven fact!

  18. Speaking about the Spaghetti Monster I have to make spaghetti on Saturday. Spaghetti isn’t God at all and good every now and then and it must be a month since we had some or near it. I have four cans of tomato paste in the cupboard and two cans of tomato sauce and two and 1/2 packages of spaghetti so that will make a few spaghetti meals and we make other things with the sauces.

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