SD&G OPP Pull Two Commercial Drivers Off the Road Near Lancaster Ontario MARCH 14, 2016

Ontario Provincial Police News Portal [STORMONT DUNDAS and GLENGARRY] Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement 2016-03-14

FROM/DE: Stormont, Dundas &                                 DATE: March 14th, 2016

Glengarry (SD&G) Detachment                                                                                                                                            

(South Glengarry) On Thursday March 10th, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Ministry of Transportation (MTO) officers focused their efforts on Commercial Vehicle Driver’s circumventing the Lancaster Truck Inspection Station to avoid inspection/detection; drivers try to hide the fact that they, or their vehicles, are unsafe for the roadway.

The following results were achieved:

•             3 Drivers were found to be violating Hours of Service Rules (Log Books).  One of these drivers had failed to conducted a proper inspection of his vehicle before driving.

•             1 vehicle was found to be over-weight while operating on the county roads during the Reduced Load Period (Spring Thaw)

•             1 vehicle had expired licence plates, expired Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration, expired Fuel Tax Permit, and locking a securing mechanism on his trailer.

In total,  8 charges were laid, 1 vehicle placed out of service, and 2 drivers were placed out-of-service for 72 hours (prevented from driving).

These officers ensure that unsafe drivers and/or vehicles are removed from our highways .

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