LTE Jack White of Toronto Asks if Taxpayers Harbouring Refugee Criminals MARCH 13, 2017

Dear Editor

People who pose such a threat to the safety of Canadians, that upon extensive reviews  have their refugee request denied, or, have such a checkered background, that they will not qualify, and as such, chose not to apply.

Now given Canada’s most open and generous policies toward refugee claimants, that we even identify those illegally crossing our borders as refugee applicants and provide those same reviews, can there be any reason to encourage the illegal immigrants to come to our major cities?

Is there some place we can go to look for lead in an open and frank discussion as to why Canada’s major cities want not only to put their citizens as risk, but to protect these criminals, and then to use our tax dollars to support them.

Does that make us as taxpayers of these major cities guilty of harbouring criminals?

Jack White – Toronto Ontario

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