Cornwall Resident MICHAEL LABELLE Doesn’t Like his Home Town LTE May 12, 2017

What a pleasure to come on my Facebook page and not have to see all the “cop-sucking” by the tin pot dictator running the right wing rag in CONwall.

The crime-infested SEWER polluted with HATE MONGERS.

The city where city council knows the people are not “intelligent enough to elect city councilors”
I could not agree more.

Where they have an MP who gets called a “LOSER” then supports the “CLOWN”.

Backwood cavemen/woman living int the dark ages.

These are the most uninformed, uneducated, unintelligent people you will find anywhere.

Do not blame the people.  Blame the media here that is feeding them.  The most irresponsible media you will find anywhere.

We have changed the name to HICKtown.

Michael Labelle  –   Cornwall Ontario

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  1. I don’t go on Facebook and haven’t been on except for a couple of months on my quilting site and I left that since it made not much sense. Cornwall has been a hicktown for along time since people here in Ottawa have called it that. The very worst in council and mayor is what they are electing nowadays. I have to say that they are all clowns and backwoods, idiots in charge of the funny farm.

  2. How I miss the better days of Cornwall when we had good representation and not the garbage of today. It is a good thing that I am away from Cornwall today because it would be way too depressing for me to think back to the better days and to see what kind of garbage that exists today. No tanks – I can’t take it or I would land in the nut house for sure.

  3. If anyone doesn’t like Cornwall or any aspect of living here they are free to move to some of the cesspools in Canada. There are too many to mention. One goes by the nickname of The Big Smoke, another is the location of our federal government and even another has the word “Mount” in it, but they spell it differently.

  4. I feel for the good people who are living in Hicktown Cornwall. I have heard this name said many times from way back in the mid 70’s era when we first came to Ottawa. I have heard some people in Cornwall say the same thing about the town. The problem is poverty because the bullies aka the clique are keeping the people mighty poor and uneducated. Michael Labelle is right I have to agree on that

  5. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you leave!!!

  6. Education is lacking in Cornwall among the sheeple and they cannot use their own judgement about what is going on. Other towns have made progress but Cornwall stayed behind. It is going to take at least 20 years for Ottawa to swallow up Cornwall and make it into Greater Ottawa and that is coming with the time. Jobs are needed and the clique says no and what do you expect a bunch of sheep.

  7. People complain that there are no businesses in town and you all ask why. Well the mentality of the people is what businesses look for besides education, cost of living, etc. When businesses see what is happening in a town many will not go there or even they pull out. Many businesses thought about Cornwall because of the location but everything else was negative and they didn’t go to Cornwall.

  8. Author

    Jules I can guarantee you if it wasn’t for the City Hall led conspiratorial boycott that Cornwall’s GDP, economy, and tourism would be stronger.

    You can’t lose 100M human pageviews worth of traffic and it not have a positive impact. There are some businesses that would probably be still open and some people still working in their jobs.

    It’s sad that ignorance, fear, and bullying have been allowed to impact the community the way it has.

  9. This morning I thought about Jamie making a business in Cornwall and yes Jamie has the best paper down there. Jamie’s CFN is the first paper that I put on my computer before looking at others. The clique is mighty jeolous because they know that CFN is the best and yes the most high traffic. The clique is the main problem in Cornwall and if that didn’t exist then Cornwall can heal.

  10. Hugger we left Cornwall in a very big snowstorm back in 2004 and never regretted a moment of it. The owner of this building including a former super said that we were mighty brave and we said that it was desperation to leave. LOL LOL. ROLF! Today we have the best landlord ever and we told him that this morning as well. We had a good laugh with the technician from Bell.

  11. Jamie you nailed it and a lot comes from the town hall on its bullying businesses and many wanted to go to Cornwall because of its location and low prices. The mayor and council scared off prospective industries and other businesses. The population of Cornwall is about half of what it once was and you can’t pay all the taxes, etc. on people who are retired or on welfare. It takes investment.

  12. People who run businesses are supposed to know better and not follow the clique. The problem is that the clique will close them down or harrass them if they don’t go along with their threats on them and we were told that when we went to Cornwall to live. This is no life to live at all and people want to live and work in peace but in Cornwall you can’t do either.

  13. Jamie wild horses cannot ever get me back to Cornwall. I live in an area where it is one of “gang central” and when we lived here back in the 70’s and 80’s there was very little crime. All I hear today including just now are the emergency vehicles but many are false alarms as well. We are a lot happier and I am a lot wackier. LOL LOL.

  14. Cornwall being amalgamated into Ottawa?? Now that is a funny one. Ottawa can’t even manage their own affairs without screwing up. How would you expect them to manage a city 1 1/2 hours away? It will never happen, neither will amalgamation with any other township, municipality, etc.

  15. Author

    Sorry Hugger, but looking at the numbers it makes a lot of sense to amalgamate in the Cornwall area. It’s time that South Stormont and South Glengarry pay their share of the freight for what they take out of the Cornwall community. It makes no sense having many Cornwall decision makers decide to live outside of Cornwall only to jack up our taxes to pay for their lifestyles. Balance the load, and save on overhead so that we can devote more cash to the community instead of the clique.

  16. I agree with your statement “It’s time that South Stormont and South Glengarry …” But I disagree with amalgamation. I can’t recall one instance where amalgamation has done what it was meant to do, save money, etc.. Ask the residents of Nepean or the municipalities swallowed up into the GTA. Perhaps it’s time to entice employees to live in the locale that pays their salary.

  17. Author

    Hugger I think you’re talking about “forced” amalgamation. Again, if you’re getting more than you’re giving you won’t want amalgamation, but the tax situation in Cornwall is about to redline. There are lawyers swooping in helping businesses get re-evaluations because of how we fail to run our local economy properly. When a city spends more time trying to kill its largest and locally owned newspaper instead of everyone pulling together on common ground is it any wonder why we’re failing and have been for far too long?

  18. Agreed. But I can’t see South Stormont and South Glengarry ever agreeing to amalgamation.

  19. When we lived in Cornwall people from the surrounding areas were living with less taxes and they didn’t pay for the library, nor for the recreation services and I can go on and on. Here in Ottawa all the communities are amalgamated into one and Kanata has and had the most debt and everyone shares into that debt as well as among all others. Ottawa is thriving – growing and Cornwall has to change.

  20. Here in Ottawa we have buses that go from one community after another. In Cornwall they used to have buses but not any more only for very short hours and don’t go everywhere. You cannot run businesses without good transportation and for everyone. Cornwall died and has to be resurected and ressussitated from the dead.

  21. Jamie do you know where people go for tourism when they go to the Cornwall area and that is The Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary as well as Upper Canada Village. There was this woman who was from TO but lives in Vermont and she went to Upper Canada Village with her family. Cornwall has nothing to offer and Hicktown is its name. I was very embarrassed when I heard that back in the 70’s era here in OT

  22. Jamie and Hugger Nepean had a wonderful mayor and he reigned for at least 20 years but he is no more and Ottawa has changed drastically. Since we have been back here in Ottawa we see the growth – condos going up everywhere in site. Population has increased drastically and still growing strong. Nepean had no debt under the previous administration but no more everyone contributes.

  23. Cornwall has no good administration and the money is leaving the coffers into nonsense. Yes amalgamation is necessary for Cornwall and there has to be regulation as well as growth. If there is no growth there are no jobs and Cornwall’s economy will be stagnant like stagnant waters that do not flow. In TO people live in the burbs and commute by rail or car, etc. since the cost is horrendous.

  24. I remember some years ago a man from Milton Ontario moved to Cornwall (he used to post in the Freeloader) and he said that he and his wife moved to Cornwall to save and was in shock at the high taxes and maybe he would have to work. Cornwall is already a shock for a great many people and no work. You cannot run a town on people who are retired. You need young people to work.

  25. Jamie all printed news will be a thing of the past and computers have taken over. What is new today is old tomorrow. Today we had a technician from Bell installing fiber optics and he said it is faster than cable and we have high speed internet here and he said that Bell is now faster and our landlord agreed. Things change but Cornwall remained as a Hicktown.

  26. Amalgamation with Cornwall will never happen. South Stormont/Glengarry would never agree to it. Why people keep bringing this dead topic up is beyond comprehension. We have buses, but this is not Ottawa. It is much like products that reduce size instead of cost. Would you rather pay more for the same or have the size reduced. Most choose have the size reduced. It’s not rocket science really.

  27. There are no jobs left in Cornwall and the buses down there are a joke. Everything left no drive in theatre, no buses beyond 6 or 9, no Voyageur Bus, no nothing. Even the fabric store left so that won’t be to my liking. Cornwall has to have a priest and minister go down there and perform the last rites and flood the town over with water. Ducks unlimited and only for them to cruise the river.

  28. Back in the late 50’s a very well known professional engineer called Cornwall “sticky town” besides “stinky town” and he was from southwestern Ontario. Cornwall has gone straight downhill and if he were alive today he would scream to see the decay of the town. Brockville is more alive than Cornwall and has tourists.

  29. Author

    Jules I was in Brockville yesterday and frankly people there are as goofy as Cornwall. I’m so disappointed in MPP Clark who was originally elected for not behaving as he does now. That being said though they’ve done some good work on their waterfront and their down town doesn’t look like an ugly morgue like ours.

  30. Wow Jamie! Brockville’s people as goofy as Cornwall’s? No wonder people that we know had a business there for a short time and left to Florida. The man was Lebanese and his wife Canadian of German origin – parents from Germany. Hubby wanted them to settle in Cornwall and they told hubby you have to be kidding and I roared with laughter. They are living in Daytona Beach since over 20 years.

  31. Jamie TG just called hubby and they wanted to charge him over $1,000 and they didn’t even do the recall yet and we will pick the car up after. Hubby told them to do only what he had marked on the list and no more. We are going to trade in this car and get another and a smaller vehicle. Dealers are all rip offs everyone of them. There are other things where we have our doubts.

  32. Jamie I was thinking about you and your ex wife you wanting Cornwall and she wanted Brockville and that both towns are very wacky besides your wacky jules and that is bad. Here in Ottawa we see what is wrong with the city and it is in front of us but in small places everything is hidden and even more than what you know about.

  33. My husband was telling me just now that 1400 jobs in the forestry in Québec are being let go. Trump was going to go through NAFTA with Canada and Mexico to make cuts and benefit the US. I told all of you that hard times are coming and I never heard that from hubby but I have read and listened to plenty. Things are very bad as is and terrible times are coming soon.

  34. When coming back home in the car I heard Cornwall’s former mayor Brian Sylvester on the Jewel Radio and I said there is Cornwall’s former mayor who works at the Jewel Radio in the Market area. Brian is from Pembroke and he is a valley boy. I am so sore that I feel like collapsing. I am old that is for sure old and wacky. LOL LOL. This old bod is falling apart as I type.

  35. Cuts in the forestry industry have nothing to do with NAFTA. The print industry is one of the main culprits. With everything going digital not as much paper is needed. And now with composites available for flooring, decking and house construction that is another blow to the forestry industry. Advances in technology are nice, but… the cost of jobs in numerous sectors not so much.

  36. Hugger I am not talking about newsprint because that is on its way out as a lot of us who are awake know about that. Pres. Trump is going after our softwood lumber industry because Canada has been selling this to the US and he is going after everything and I have listened to him and others talk about this. Hang on to your shorts and listen and read and you will see that wacky Jules is right.

  37. When I grew up in the east end we were poor, we did not care about the issues. Now I have to pay the bills and I care about the issues around me.

  38. Yes I am disappointed in the city I always called home. I can’t think of one bad memory from when I grew up here. When I retired and came back all I could think about is I am coming home. Since I got back it does not feel like home at all.

  39. If I could comment on my own letter. When I wrote this I was referring to local people I had encountered on FB. When I am out and about in the city most of the people are quite nice. I had to learn not to get into politics or race with them.

  40. Another topic to not discuss is religion. Though I find politics, race and religion are intertwined with one another.

  41. If I lived in Cornwall there would have been none of the above to vote for since none of them are any good and the same monkeys get in year after year and are there to get fed. Well I could have thrown a bunch of bananas in for them to eat. I could not live in Cornwall at all with that weird mentality. Things are bad enough here in Ottawa. Hubby and my daughter hate Ottawa.

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