14 Yr Old Kingston Boy Charged With Sex Assault of 3 Under Age 10 MAY 12, 2017


Police Bulletin

Calls for Service

Kingston Police had 124 calls for service during the 24 hour period starting from 5:00 a.m. on May 11, 2017. Of these, 87 calls occurred in the city central area, 20 in the west end, 7 in the east end, and 4 north of Highway 401. Some of these included:

  • 2 domestic calls
  • 3 assault calls
  • 4 harassment calls
  • 2 fight/disturbance calls
  • 4 undesirable calls
  • 1 drunk call
  • 1 alarm call
  • 2 neighbour dispute calls
  • 3 noise complaints
  • 1 trouble with kids call
  • 2 Mental Health Act calls
  • 2 medical assist calls
  • 13 assist citizen calls
  • 1 break and enter call
  • 2 theft calls
  • 3 shoplifting calls
  • 1 mischief call
  • 1 fraud call
  • 8 motor vehicle collisions
  • 3 impaired driving calls
  • 6 driving complaints
  • 5 traffic concerns
  • 7 suspicious activity calls
  • 2 drug calls

There were 12 individuals arrested within the last 24 hours including 9 men and 3 women, between 14 and 53 years of age, for the following: theft under $5000, fail to appear, sexual assault, administer noxious thing, forcible confinement, choking, harassment by threatening conduct, obstruct justice, utter threats to cause bodily harm, fraud under $5000, use of a stolen credit card, personation to obtain property, possession of identity information for the purpose of fraud, possession of a controlled drug, possession of a controlled drug for the purpose of trafficking, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference, and breach probation.

Residents are encouraged to view the Kingston Police Crime Mapping Tool that can be accessed through the website here. To further community awareness and improve accessibility to calls-for-police-service occurring in the community, Kingston Police has merged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with police calls-for-service data for user-friendly public consumption.

Accused Parties Caught on Multiple Video Surveillance Cameras


A 42-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman both from Kingston have been arrested for use of stolen credit cards after Detectives track them down through multiple video surveillance images.

On April 8, 2017 the victim left his wallet sitting on the counter of a coffee shop in the downtown area. The wallet was stolen by the accused male and later used to make numerous purchases at multiple stores.

Images of the accused male and accused female were captured on multiple store surveillance cameras. Detectives began investigating the incident and the accused male was identified.

On May 9, 2017 Detectives located the accused male in his residence and arrested him without incident. A search of the home resulted in the discovery of a quantity various controlled drugs. The arrest of the accused male led to the identification of the accused female.

On May 11, 2017 the accused female was arrested at police headquarters.

Both accused were held to attend a bail hearings. Both were charged with two counts of fraud under $5000, use of a stolen credit card, personation to obtain property, and possession of identity information for the purpose of fraud.

The accused male was additionally charged with possession of a controlled drug, and possession of a controlled drug for the purpose of trafficking

Citizens Intervene when Man Threatens Ex-Girlfriend


A 27-year-old local man is facing charges after following his ex-girlfriend to a bus stop and threatening her.

On May 10, 2017 the accused called the victim (ex-girlfriend) numerous times demanding money. On one of the calls the accused threatened her with physical harm.

On May 11, 2017 the victim was at a west end mall when she spotted the accused. The accused followed the victim as she left the mall and headed for a bus stop. The victim confronted the accused about the threat and witnesses intervened to prevent any altercation.

During the subsequent investigation officers learned the accused had assaulted the victim in January 2017 by striking her face.

At approximately 9:30 p.m. the accused was arrested and transported to police headquarters where he was held to attend a bail hearing the following day.

The accused was charged with assault, and utter threats to cause bodily harm.

Thieves Caught After Getting Vehicle and Stolen ATV Stuck


A 30-year-old Cardinal man and a 49-year-old local man are both facing charges after getting a stolen ATV and the van they used for the theft, stuck off-road.

On May 6, 2017 a mini-van was spotted stuck on the KP Trail near Binnington Court. The van was towed away prior to police attending.

On May 8, 2017 a stolen side-by-side ATV vehicle was located stuck in the mud on the KP Trail near Brass Drive. The ATV was found to be stolen property from a break and enter on May 6 at a nearby business. Based on the date of the theft and the location of the stolen side-by-side, Detectives determined the stuck van was involved.

Detectives obtained video surveillance footage that showed the 30-year-old accused at the location of the stuck mini-van. The plates on the van were also captured and the owner was identified, as the 49-year-old accused.

On May 11, 2017 Detectives caught the 30-year-old accused driving the vehicle and arrested him without incident. The 49-year-old accused attended the police station later the same day to turn himself in. Both accused were held to attend a bail hearing.

Both accused were charged with break and enter, and theft over $5000 and breach probation.

14-Year-Old Arrested for Multiple Sexual Offences


A joint investigation between Kingston Police and Family and Children Services has led to the arrest of a 14-year-old accused for multiple sexual offences.

Information of the incidents came to light on May 4, 2017 when victims disclosed the actions of the accused to their parents. The investigation revealed that between March 1 and May 4, 2017 the accused sexually assaulted the three female victims, all under 10 years of age. The assaults occurred while the victims were playing at a residence where the accused was staying.

On May 11, 2017 the accused was arrested at police headquarters and held to attend a bail hearing.

The accused was charged with four counts of invitation to sexual touching, three counts of forcible confinement, three counts of sexual interference, and three counts of sexual assault.

More Charges and 4 More Arrests in On-Going Human Trafficking Case

17-7867 / 17-4282 / 17-13241 / 17-13242 / 17-13205

Subsequent to a March 15, 2017 Kingston Police media release regarding the arrest of an 18-year-old Quinte West man for human trafficking, a third 16-year-old victim has been identified.

The on-going investigation has revealed the third victim was taken to a Port Hope address where she was sexually assaulted by the 18-year-old man and a 42-year-old Cobourg man.

On May 6, 2017 the 42-year-old man was located at an address in Cobourg. He was picked up by Kingston Police and transported to police headquarters where he was held to attend a bail hearing. He was charged with sexual assault, administer noxious thing (cocaine), and forcible confinement.

On May 10, 2017 the 18-year-old man, while still in custody for the original incident was advised of his additional charges including sexual assault and choking

Three other persons have also been charged in relation to this investigation.

A 17-year-old Trenton youth attempted to interfere with the investigation by urging the victim to alter evidence. A 16-year-old youth and a 43-year-old woman both from Belleville, threatened the victim through social media messages.

On May 5 Kingston Police located and arrested all three accused persons in Belleville. All 3 were transported to Kingston police headquarters. The two youths were held for bail while the adult woman was released with a future court date.

The 17-year-old has been charged with two counts of harassment by threatening conduct and obstruct justice. The 16-year-old youth and 43-year-old woman have both been charged with harassment by threatening conduct.

This investigation is continuing and Kingston Police ask anyone who might have information to contact Sergeant Brooker at 613-549-4660 ext. 6175 or by email at bbrooker@kpf.ca

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