LTE – Ross Ayotte Calls Out Justin Trudeau on Language Hypocrisy re Ford French Uni Cancellation 112118

CTV  had reported on Feb 14 2012 –   Liberal MP Justin Trudeau is facing a barrage of criticism for suggestions that Quebec separation could be deemed acceptable given the politics of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Now prime Minister Trudeau is trying to divide the French and English population once again by stating Ontario is anti French when he fully knows that the Mcguinty / Wynne Liberals ran Ontario into the ground when the Ontario Liberals took office in 2003 Ontario’s debt was roughly 132.6 billion dollars and as of March 31 2018 the provinces debt was predicted to be  $348.79 billion dollars with a 15 billion operating deficit for this year.
Ontario’s new premier Doug Ford had some very tough decisions to make in Cancelling 3 new universities and one of them just happen to be a French University which former premier Wynne promised just before the provincial election to buy votes. Ontario already has 10 universities where French Course’s are offered. 
In Ontario the French can be served in French or English at all government offices , Hospitals but in Quebec you rarely get served in English or at all  and they even have the French police to ensure all English signs are half the size or smaller than Quebec signs posted. Here is a example of what the French police write you up on and fine you for if you don’t comply – a small diner in Quebec City had the name grilled as part of their name and logo as they served grilled cheese sandwiches they were told to use the french word for grilled. I didn’t here any comments from Trudeau or from any other liberal on this stupidity or on Bill 101 put restrictions on enrollment into anglophone schools in Quebec  and now lets be very clear the French population in Ontario are far better treated than the English population in Quebec.
Also for Trudeau to stir up hatred once again on the issue of the Ministries of Francophone affairs being put under the Ombudsman where there is no cut in service or job cuts you have to think his reasoning is to create hate and fear for political gain.
 Also Trudeau stated a Canadian is a Canadian so why does Trudeau and the liberal party treat the French population far better than the English population maybe Trudeau should be talking to the Quebec premier about giving the English population better rights and better service in Quebec.
Ross Ayotte – Smiths Falls Ontario 
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  1. 760 non profit French Language groups sponsored to the tune of Billions by taxpayers.Its about appeasing a loud minority who is politicizing these cuts to maintain their entitlements.

  2. A hypocritical PM of Canada vs. a bigotted PM of Ontario…

    A pair of Useful Idiots that sow discord and distraction, while the “special interests” they eagerly serve rob the rest of us, regardless of culture, of our better natures.

  3. I would not say that Ontario is anti-French. I can safely say that Ross Ayotte’s letter is anti-French. Mr. Ford was ill advised to try to save a few dollars in what is really a relatively insignificant portion of the budget. But hey, the Fords do not have a reputation for heeding advice or being well-informed. Doug Ford made some rash decisions, and now people are noticing how he is getting rid

  4. Author

    Or there is simply an attack from a political party via elements that clearly have never supported Mr. Ford’s party? Instead of working with the gov’t they essentially clarify for those sympathetic to them within the conservatives to not even bother. Don’t be surprised if this leads to more cuts for over supported francophone groups via the former Liberal gov’t.

    Sticks and Stones, but being the gov’t in Power trumps petty pointless partisan rallies each and every time.

  5. I am 100% for the French language in schools and I have been through the system since 1956 and I am fluently bilingual. My daughter went through the French system as well and it is essential to have both languages. When you know French some other languages are easier to pick up as well. I was able to make a Spanish lady understand when I spoke French to her to try and explain things to her.

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