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Another Business Closing :

It’s sad, another loss for workers and bigger unemployment lines. In parallel, Cornwall at least on paper gets another black eye. Perception all around will be that Cornwall cannot keep business afloat. Most of us suspect though that two (2) big box hardware stores in Cornwall was ill conceived at the get go.

But let’s look further into this closing. Who can take over this very large business building? Costco? I very much doubt Costco would; and as much as I would love one, the impact on surrounding business would in no doubt drive more closures. So among the large big box stores and the growing trend of on line shopping I suspect it will become “Domtar Land Space II”.

I’m not privy to zoning of the area but I do not see a manufacturer moving in (hard enough to populate the industrial zone). Amazon warehouse would be a great replacement.

I wonder what the City is doing to curb as I mentioned the perception it cannot sustain large businesses. Will they create a plan of action to find a new tenant in the building? Will this vacancy also mean loss of tax revenue impacting of course our city budget?

Stephen Czajko

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  1. Q. What’s worse than a life of scab wages and shoestring budgets?
    A. Unemployed, sick with worry, not sleeping, emotionally and financially tapped out.

    Thank you City Hall for marketing your “paying subjects” as a do-anything-for-next-t0-nothing workforce, aching for jobs that can’t be counted on to build a life or family.

    The Arts Centre can now fill its walls by those “drawing” E.I.

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