The current state of the NFL AFC divisions 112019

From basketball to soccer, professional sports always attract a huge number of fans. Football is followed by millions of fans and the 100th NFL season is now well underway, so it is interesting to look at how everything is shaping up. The AFC divisions are certainly worth a closer look as there are some great teams and awesome drama happening in each one. Fans of Indiana sports gambling and other bettors will of course be keen to see how the Colts are getting on.

AFC East

When it comes to the AFC East standings, then there is only one story in town – the form of the New England Patriots. Their impressive 8-1 record so far has left them top of the division and looking pretty certain to stay there. With Tom Brady in top form and the team firing as a unit, they look the side to beat.

The only serious competition is from the Buffalo Bills, but they are not in great form with concerns over a sluggish offense and a leaky defense hampering them. But what of the other two teams in AFC East? Everyone knows how the Dolphins are doing this year and it is safe to say this is a transitional season during which they are rebuilding their side. The Jets are not having a much better time of it and a raft of injuries has not helped with their poor 7-2 record to date.

AFC North

As with AFC East, one team is stealing the headlines here – the rejuvenated Baltimore Ravens. So good are this side that they managed to beat the Patriots 37-20 in Week 9. Lamar Jackson has been the standout for them, and they are looking a good bet to stay on top of this division to make the play-offs. But can any other team here pose a threat? If it is anyone it will certainly not be the poor old Bengals. They are having a torrid time of it to date with a 0-9 record to their name.

The Cleveland Browns are doing marginally better with a 3-6 record but as in many seasons gone by they flatter to deceive. The Steelers sit in 2nd as of now but do not look like they can catch the Ravens on top. Although their defense has been on point, it is a lack of consistency from their playmakers that is hindering their progress.

AFC South

This division in the NFL is altogether tighter and more well matched. This can be seen in the teams’ current records – while the Texans lead the way with a 6-3 record, the Colts in 2nd have a 5-4 one while the 3rd placed Titans are 5-5. This leaves AFC South a pretty open division so far and one that is tough to call. If the Texans are to hold on they will need star QB Deshaun Watson to continue firing on all cylinders.

While the Colts are not far behind in 2nd, their currently stuttering offense must improve to help them close any gap. This side of their game worked well in the early matches this year so it might be worth returning to their original plan moving forward. Although the Titans and Jaguars have had alright enough seasons to date, their inconsistency means they are unlikely to leap above the other two teams moving forward.

AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs currently lead AFC West with a 6-4 record. This has included good wins such as the 33-28 victory against the Ravens and a 34-30 thriller against Detroit. Their star man is surely Patrick Mahomes who has been in great form so far this year. Their nearest competition in this division are the Oakland Raiders who won against the Chargers last time out 26-24. This sees them with a 5-4 record and a chance to build a run for the playoffs.

Underneath those two, the Chargers are looking like a mediocre season is in store for them. They have not been terrible but seem to lack the quality in depth to really make a play for the top spot. Bottom of the pile are the Broncos who have won only three games all year. Their away record will certainly need to pick up if they are to improve, as will their offensive play.

AFC divisions are an exciting watch

One thing that anyone who has watched football in the AFC divisions so far this year will know is how amazing the action has been. Even divisions where one team has dominated have given us some great games and lots of drama. This is sure to continue as the season heads to its climax and we see how the tables finally stack up.

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