Cornwall Ontario –  Liberals and NDP are attempting to create a wildfire over allegations that data was stolen of users of the 407 highway which so far has resulted in at least one resignation of a PC MPP candidate and now is being investigated by York Regional Police. Here inContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s fascinating to watch the political death of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.   From the defection of ministers and other MPP’s who decided to bail and not run; to teacher’s unions going back to the NDP the day the writ dropped,  and other union leaders telling members toContinue Reading

  Brampton Ontario – With the 2018 provincial election heating up this summer folks are buzzing over what is next to come for Ontario. This (2018) election Brampton is on the rise.  All five elected candidates running within the Brampton area districts this election being Sikh reflecting large portions of theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   While we all are aware, or at least most of us are, of who the leaders are of the three main political parties in this upcoming Ontario election, do we know who are local options are? We know our current MPP Jim McDonnell will win by default. Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Premier Wynne’s election hopes are deader than  Tim Hudak’s were , except uglier and nastier.    Today’s Auditor General report showed that the Ontario deficit is nearly double that which the Wynne Government has disclosed. As reported in the Toronto Star “When expenses are understated, the perceptionContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – You get the feeling that Kathy doesn’t really know how to drive a truck, or run a province, and apparently now not campaign as she lashed out at PC leader Doug Ford recently, comparing him to Donald Trump and unleashing her own inner Hillary. The problem isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Wynne Liberal press releases have constantly labelled statements from former Leader Patrick Brown and current leader Doug Ford as fake news and lies. The grade school propaganda seems to have blown up in their face during this run to the Provincial election as former McGuinty Chief ofContinue Reading

Statement from Ontario PC Caucus Chair Lisa Thompson On the afternoon of Friday April 6th, an allegation against the MPP from Kitchener-Conestoga was brought forward. The evidence presented to us included a written complaint from 2013 by a former intern about how she had been passed over for employment. ThereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Usually Cornwall doesn’t get much attention from political leaders in Ontario.  At best it’s usually some glad handing at closed riding association events which was why it was nice that PC leader Doug Ford and his team gave CFN some one on one time via telephone Thursday.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Contrary to what certain pundits blather about,  Doug Ford was the opponent Kathy Wynne didn’t want to face. Facing a well funded popular party with a leader that clearly is different than what else would be offered is a dilemma for the depleted and scandalized Wynne government. Continue Reading

Conrad Black: What happened to Patrick Brown was outrageous — but also an opportunity Justin Trudeau is a fair-minded person. He knows better than to greet the destruction of a prominent political career with joy (NAT POST) The sudden departure of Patrick Brown as leader of the Ontario Progressive ConservativesContinue Reading

Ottawa Ontario – There have been a lot of media reports on Prime Minister Trudeau’s strange meeting with the Boyle family. So far the story simply doesn’t add up. Prime Minister’s just don’t meet with anyone who requests a meeting and it doesn’t matter who that person is or theirContinue Reading