PC’s Show Inclusion in Brampton – 5 Sikh Candidates for Fordnation by Emily Hutcheon 051118


Brampton Ontario – With the 2018 provincial election heating up this summer folks are buzzing over what is next to come for Ontario. This (2018) election Brampton is on the rise.  All five elected candidates running within the Brampton area districts this election being Sikh reflecting large portions of the community.

Did you know that 20% of Brampton’s community is made up of Sikh’s?

So it’s no surprise that Doug Ford and the PC’s  would choose one for each riding. It’s great way to show inclusion and support for Brampton’s people this election.

Harjit Jaswal (Brampton Centre), Simmer Sandhu (Brampton East), Prabmeet Sarkaria. (Brampton South), and last but not least, Ripudaman Dhillon (Brampton North).


“What a crowd in Brampton tonight! We have a great group of PC candidates ready to work for you. Thanks for coming out to hear our plan for the people.”

Ford will be introducing his candidates at the Rally for a better Ontario on May 16th at the Mississauga Convention Centre (7pm-9pm).


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  1. Ford seems to be both exhibiting, and pandering, to cultural bias. One only hopes that superstition does not become a determining factor in selecting our legislators, lest we forget our hard won separation of church and state.

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