Wendy the Weed Witch – The Many Ways of Smoking Marijuana – May 11, 2018


Most people trying medicinal marijuana smoke it before trying any other method. They tend to get their samples from friends who got it from who knows where.

In other words, they have no clue what they are smoking and are short changing themselves especially when trying to self medicate.

Just like sex, you need to be selective in choice. We all know what it is like to have a lazy lover. It’s neither fun or worth it.

It is the same when choosing a medicinal product.

The benefit of smoking is that it gives quick relief within minutes and lasts up to one to four hours depending on strain and other factors like alcohol which will prolong all effects.

Keep in mind that smoking helps more with the head than it does the body and I’ve used it to help with the darkness that is often attributed with chronic pain. We all need that mental health day and smoking medicinal cannabis is a great way to achieve it and lift the mood, even on the darkest of days.

You can smoke several ways like a joint, using a pipe/ bong or a vaporizer. You need to grind up your herb in order to maximize its benefits or you end up wasting much of the product.

Grinding allows the heat to reach all the areas of the herb. Vaporizing is the better method as you are inhaling vapour rather than combustion. Vaporizing will also leave minimal odour and is discrete. This will help minimize the complaints that have already begun.

So don’t be a jackass exercising your right while violating the rights of others.


Vaporizing also allows your product to be used a second time known as “ already vaped bud” (AVB) which continue to contain important healing components and can be drawn out when cooked in oil or butter. You can even have it sit in alcohol for a good tincture.

Remember that I am a frugal weed witch and recycle everything so do not throw out your AVB. You would be surprised on how potent and therapeutic it is.

As mentioned in the previous article, it is advised to start slow.

Try getting about four different strains. Two indica (night) and two sativa(day) to start. I wouldn’t buy more than 5 grams of each to try at first. Remember to keep that log after each use as it will benefit you with later purchases especially when starting hybrids which will be discussed in the near future.

If possible, get familiar with the strains that your supplier offers and check out https://www.leafly.com/ as it contains valuable information on each strain including effects.

Be mindful that despite the longevity that marijuana has been around, no “studies” are available, and as a result, companies like leafly have created a lot of data to support the claims that for some reason are no longer available despite centuries of documentation. They offer support and knowledge rather than propagated bullshit designed by government and health agencies to taint its beneficial uses.

As you may have noticed, I’ve associated sex and weed (should have put some rock and roll in there). Both feel good but like the lazy lover or the quick fix, it doesn’t have any lasting results so be slow, steady and selective. Thank you for reading!!


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Wendy the Weed Witch is a hot rocking chick with over 25 years of work in the medical field.  After struggling with debilitating chronic pain she started to explore medicinal marijuana and the benefits in dealing with her issues. Her hobbies include music and travel.   She’s started this column to share and exchange ideas with other people looking for more from Marijuana than cool waves and a warm buzz.

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