Livingston Conviction Over Gas Plant Info Catches Wynne Team in Hypocrisy & Deceit – by Jamie Gilcig 041118

Cornwall Ontario –   Wynne Liberal press releases have constantly labelled statements from former Leader Patrick Brown and current leader Doug Ford as fake news and lies.

The grade school propaganda seems to have blown up in their face during this run to the Provincial election as former McGuinty Chief of Staff David Livingston was sentenced to four months in jail and probation for his role in deleting hard disks with info related to the $1.1 BILLION dollar scam clearly meant to hinder investigation and delete evidence that may have incriminated government officials.

From the Globe & Mail report:

In finding Mr. Livingston guilty of unauthorized use of a computer and attempted mischief, Justice Lipson said he “indiscriminately” wiped clean hard drives in the premier’s office to ensure that no records existed in connection with the controversial cancellation of the two power-plant projects.

Justice Lipson said Mr. Livingston deceived Peter Wallace, secretary of cabinet at the time, into granting him special access to the hard drives.

“Mr. Livingston’s plan to eliminate sensitive and confidential work-related data, in my view, amounted to a ‘scorched earth’ strategy, where information that could be potentially useful to adversaries, both within and outside of the Liberal Party, would be destroyed,” Justice Lipson said in his 108-page ruling, which took him three hours to deliver in a courtroom in Toronto’s Old City Hall in January. His ruling followed nearly four weeks of testimony from 11 witnesses for the Crown.

While that conviction is being appealed, frankly, regardless of Mr. Livingston’s lack of previous convictions the crimes are serious enough that the jail sentence should have been much longer and more people taken down as this clearly was of a conspiratorial criminal nature.     Some would’ve asked Mr. Livingston for assistance nailing others who helped to commit this crime.   Anyone that’s watched TV knows to follow the money and that money would lead to the McGuinty government that Premier Wynne was a member of, and of course her own government.

PC leader Doug Ford was quick to comment in a release:

Dalton McGuinty’s former chief of staff is going to jail.   Why?  Because he destroyed evidence.  The Liberals put $1.1 billion of your money into a gas plant project.   Then they cancelled it during an election.

The release continued:

The judge made his decision today.   So this guy is going to spend 4 months in jail.   But the we’re still out $1.1 billion.

Livingston has not shown remorse quoted as using terms like “Bullshit” regarding the case.   He did not finger those involved in the illegal use of government computers and mischief to data.   While his co-accused, Laura Miller was acquitted this was not a one man show and the taxpayers still do not have enough answers for this large a scam.

While his conviction is significant it clearly has not been a transparent process and clearly justice has not truly been served.

For a party to be slapping labels of fake news and lies on the opposition during an election when its former COS is convicted of action like this  clearly reeks of gross hypocrisy and desperation of the weakest sauce.

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    Good write up , I agree with Bob and I will vote Blue .

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