3 Time Loser Christine Elliott Goes Full Hillary Clinton – Refuses to Congratulate Ford 031118

Cornwall Ontario – When three out of four candidates ask for another week to work out bugs and make sure that as many party members as possible can vote due to irregularities do you get to complain about issues when you were the only candidate to not want a delay?   Methink not.

For Christine Elliott this has to be a burn, and a major one.   Caroline Mulroney and that really crazy candidate one congratulated Ford on the victory.   CBC and the yummy Rosie Barton were live nearly seven hours covering the circus Saturday.

So much for party unity.   Ultimately this would normally hurt a party’s chances of winning, but oddly enough this might help Doug Ford as he railed against the flawed process and is looking good right now having been victorious against the establishment of his party who clearly were supporting Elliott, again, and failing.

The question will be now if Ford is a shift to the right for the party or a Trumpian deke and shift leadership.

Ford now is the lone male of the three major parties in the election vs Premier Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath of the NDP.

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  1. What a darn screw up ;
    I don’t blame Christine Elliott for contesting the results on this one .

  2. Author

    Question Believe Me

    1) It looks like Patrick Brown was assassinated politically by his own party. If so which leader would have the most to gain to do that and which leadership candidate had a relationship with the Wynne government?

    2) Why was Ms Elliott the only PC leadership candidate to not want the election delayed a week so as to get more members to vote?

    3) If she cared about the party why would she not respect the process in place, as flawed as it clearly is and simply capitulate rather than take the circus from one to three rings?

    This is all on your candidate. As bad as the Wynne government is they’ve never broken, nevermind destroyed party chain of command as this precedent setting year for the PC party which clearly is not following its roots, but become some sort of Reform mutation.

  3. I don’t blame Elliott for contesting the results. She was the only one to not want the rules changed after the game started. The rest of the candidates were disgusting pigs at the trough looking to get as much publicity as possible due to the rushed vote. If they didn’t like the rules in place they should have never put their name forward

  4. Jamie,
    51.7 of the popular vote and most of the ridings , was that not what was
    reported ? I rather think her loss can only be attributed to the System .
    In any event she’s going to run , look out Wynne your time is up

  5. As this vote and others have shown the method of electing people needs to be drastically revamped to one that has the winner winning not losing.

  6. The process is based on a point system derived from several voting perspectives. Popular vote, ridings won and support (margin). Doug Ford won primarily from my understanding because of his margins. Elliott creates the optic of being a sore three time loser.

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