Did Local Conservatives @ Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce Steal Driver Data Too? 052118

Cornwall Ontario –  Liberals and NDP are attempting to create a wildfire over allegations that data was stolen of users of the 407 highway which so far has resulted in at least one resignation of a PC MPP candidate and now is being investigated by York Regional Police.

Here in Cornwall such things rarely get investigated.  Case in point there have been historical allegations that at least two parties confirmed,  of the Motor Vehicle Franchise run by the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce having  fed data to the local Conservatives until changes to the system a few years ago.   Most franchises of the Motor Vehicle office or Service Ontario as it’s known now have been phased out.   Cornwall’s is one of the last.

Essentially for decades it was a short unimpeded walk from the Chamber Offices of Lezlie Strasser to the Motor Vehicle records.  There certainly are no shortages of old school angry white man conservative types like Mike Metcalfe working still at the Chamber.

This writer first became aware of the issue when I moved to Cornwall and would get mail outs from the Conservatives using my full name.  As many know I spell my professional name slightly different than my full name so the question would be how MPP Guy Lauzon’s office would get my full name and different spelling of my surname to put on mailings?  The only place that had access to that info at the time was the motor vehicle office when I registered my car after coming over from Quebec.

Shortly after the provincial changes that saw workers have to key log into the provincial system which tracked all actions, the mailings of that nature stopped.

Imagine, possible dirty pool in politics, and by Conservatives even….

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