Cornwall Ontario – As a quiet provincial election comes out of the long May weekend it’s becoming clearer that this is a two horse race as the PC’s and NDP start to ratchet up the attacks and heat.

Premier Wynne is still trying to claw back some support that has bled orange, but that seems a total lost cause.   In this riding, SD&G, nary a red election sign is to be seen.

The election clearly still is Ford’s to lose.   So far there’s been no Hudak like gaffes as he may set a record for most campaign stops per day over a campaign.   And while there have been issues being bombed by both sides the only real action has been the uptick for the NDP as the labour vote consolidates around Ms Horwath’s team.  While that may help the popular vote it really isn’t helping with riding predictions enough to have an overall major impact on seat results.

The NDP recently put out a platform for Eastern Ontario, but her visit East this weekend seems to have stopped at Ottawa with no visits reported in Cornwall, Brockville, Alexandria, or Hawkesbury.

CFN Viewer Predictions for the Ontario Provincial 2018 Election MAY 22

  • Ford Majority (53%, 37 Votes)
  • NDP Minority (24%, 17 Votes)
  • Ford Minority (23%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 70

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Apparently the Liberal’s in SD&G do not have a riding association locally which is a huge fall from only a few terms ago being the seat of former scandalized Liberal MPP Jim Brownell whose team crumbled after he “retired” from politics before certain scandals that occurred around his “Brownell Nights” came to light.

Has this election changed your minds as a voter?   And how few seats will the red team get this election?  You can post your comments below.


  1. I’m going to fold the chairs, so that Wynne’s liberals don’t have any seats LOL

  2. If the last few Ontario elections have shown us is that you don’t count on the polls. Previous election polls / predictions have been very wrong at times. The only true poll is the one on June 7.

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