Silence is Golden for Ford Campaign as June Election Nears – by Jamie Gilcig 033118

Cornwall Ontario – Contrary to what certain pundits blather about,  Doug Ford was the opponent Kathy Wynne didn’t want to face.

Facing a well funded popular party with a leader that clearly is different than what else would be offered is a dilemma for the depleted and scandalized Wynne government.    To list the many reasons to not vote for Ms Wynne simply isn’t required to most readers of this piece.

Her clear attempt to buoy support from the labour/NDP pool, and now going after young voters may solidify support in some sectors, but the people that have to pay for these generous union contracts and programs for people that don’t contribute as heavily to the tax pool as those that do simply drives the wedge further from the centre stream of voters in Ontario.

And if you have a job in Ontario and see your deductions and tax bills, not to mention Hydro and fees left and right including even what you pay to drive in license fees that have risen dramatically there clearly is no relief in sight by voting Ms Wynne back in.

Andrea Horwath has had years to show a marked difference, but she really has failed at that which leaves Mr. Ford and his well heeled Conservatives.

While the Brown mess was ugly, there is no splash, as Conservative Maven Keith Beardsley loves to term it, on Mr. Ford’s shoes.    There would’ve have been on Hillary Christine Elliott’s shoes.    That Ms Elliott decided to take a well paying job with the Wynne Government instead of run for MPP also would have hurt her in the election.

While Mr. Ford has many challenges,  debris from the leadership process of the PC party,  he has no blood on his hands.

He’s also facing a barrage of media attacks from media outlets that get a lot of financial support from the government in the form of ads.   While the government may like to say that an outside agency decides who gets the lucrative slush from the government,  clearly this agency doesn’t base its ad buys on things like actual viewers and demographics.

For example this newspaper, in spite of its dominance in this market,  has never had a single ad from the province even when its own Liberal MPP queried why.  A rep from the firm actually sent a note making an error in our name.

And that’s what this election is about; money and power with Wynne and those under her wing simply wanting to cling to power and cash, but many politicians seem to forget that they have to represent everyone, and not just those that support them.   Too much time makes many of them simply greedy beyond the pale.

While the Liberals are desperately hoping for a Tim Hudak like gaffe from Doug Ford, to date he hasn’t gaffed, and he really doesn’t have to offer the minutiae of solutions.   Just that fact that he seems to want some of the things that most people that actually pay the taxes that keep this province rolling care about is probably enough to get at least a minority victory in June.

He needs to show the direction that he wants the province to move in.  He doesn’t really need to detail to the decimal point before June.  To win an election you need the confidence of voters, and he seems to have more of that than Ms Wynne at this time.

And that’s what counts, winning.

Politics is a blood sport.  It’s cash, ego, and lust for power and control.   Anyone that thinks otherwise isn’t very politically savvy.

Who Will You Vote for Premier of Ontario in JUNE 2018? (April 2018)

  • Doug Ford - PC (62%, 237 Votes)
  • Kathleen Wynne - Liberal (18%, 68 Votes)
  • Andrea Horwath - NDP (13%, 48 Votes)
  • Other - Will not vote. (8%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 382

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That’s why this election is Doug Ford’s to lose as we close in on April.

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  1. The Cons chose the wrong leader three times in a row. The less Ford is in the spotlight, the better his chances are of winning. Most people had their belly full of the Fords not that long ago.

  2. There seems to be no question if he can only keep quiet the Cons
    will beat Wynne at this next election , however can he ?

  3. The premiers desperation to hold power is evident from her campaign strategy. This Liberal strategy has often proven effective in the past but not so likely to occur in the present. Millennials “get” what has shaped and defined their reality. I believe the free pass on taxation and irresponsible debt management is likely over for some time to come. Interest rates will get everyone’s attention.

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