Federal SDSG Liberal Riding Prez Claude Poirier Responds to Mario Leclerc Nomination Drop 033118

Cornwall Ontario – Mario Leclerc, who some CFN viewers might know from his time with the NDP tossed his name into the hat for the Federal candidate nomination recently.

This week, he withdrew his name citing an unfriendly riding association.   In particular he cited President Claude Poirier, Bernadette Clement, and Heather Megill, who herself is trying to attain the Provincial Liberal riding nod, yet boycotts the largest newspaper in the riding.  (and they wonder why their brand locally is where it is….)

From Mario on what triggered his resignation:

However, the lukewarm welcome I got from members of the executive told me that it was not going to be so.  

After Mario’s resignation was covered in the Standard Freeholder CFN sent an email to all of the riding association executive email addresses, (which included Mr. Poirier, Ms Clement, and Ms Megell) but only Mr. Poirier responded.  One member’s email apparently isn’t working either.

Here is Mr.Poirier’s unedited response for publication:

Dear Jamie
In response to a news story from Mario Leclerc withdrawing his name has a candidate seeking the Federal Liberal nomination  in the riding of SDSG.  I wish to respond with these comments.  I was first advised by email on January 5, that Mario was seeking the Federal Liberal nomination for our riding of SDSG.  I informed him at tis time the nomination process had not been opened up by the Liberal Party of Canada.  When it would be opened candidates seeking the nomination would have to go through a venting process with the national party.  This is a process put in place by all national parties where candidate’s seeking a nomination submit personal information about themselves prior to being approved to run.  Once green lighted he would be officially recognised has a candidate seeking the Federal nomination in this riding.
I told him that the first step was to register has a Liberal on the Liberal Party of Canada site.  I could see no reason why he would not be green lighted, but he could expect that this riding would have a contested nomination..
I encouraged him to soldier on to do some outreach, until such time has the formal nomination process had commenced.
M. Leclerc communicated with me on a few occasion by email and by phone.  The last contact I had with Mario was by telephone was a few weeks ago in which he indicated of  an outreach he had made to a prominent person in the community.  I again encouraged him to continue his work.
Last Thursday I read in the local paper that Mario had stated that he was no longer seeking the nomination because of a lukewarm welcome from the riding executive.  He went out to state that he felt snubbed by the riding association president and two other riding executive members at a francophone comedy show at Aultsville Theatre. (They
did not even bother shaking hands with me said Leclerc.)  It is not in my nature to snub anyone, in an event with over 300 persons present and little time spent in conversation in the hallway before the show. It is possible to miss someone.  I have not seen M. Leclerc in many years, at no time did he introduce himself to me had he done so I would have shook his hands and took up a conversation with him.  There was no intention of snubbing  him by myself he simply did not catch my eye, and if he took it as an affront I am sorry he did so.
M. Leclerc goes on to state that the riding association executive did not welcome his candidacy for the nomination because they want Bernadette Clement to run for them again.  For the record let me state that this is not the case.  At no time has the riding executive discussed any preference for any candidate seeking the nomination including Bernadette Clement.  I have had no discussion with her if she was interested in running again.  
I have received a total of five emails from M. Leclerc the first one after I read of his interest to seek our parties nomination in this riding in the local paper, the last conversation was a telephone call about three weeks ago regarding an outreach effort on his part. Had M. Leclerc been living in the riding I would had gladly met him in person to discuss his plans and would have gladly done so.
M. Leclerc decision to withdraw his nomination was his own.  I read about it in the paper and would have liked the opportunity to discuss the matter with him before he made his announcement, regrettably I was not granted the opportunity to do so.
I can assure your readers that once the nomination process is open by the Liberal Party of Canada, those seeking the nomination in this riding that have been green lighted to run after the venting process will be given ample opportunity to reach out to local registered liberals to make their case.  There are no fees to join the Liberal Party of Canada you need to simply register on the Liberal Party of Canada site, those registered Liberal will then elect a candidate at a nomination  meeting.
Hoping the above is helpful.
Claude Poirier
SDSG Federal Liberal Association
What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Can any candidate snatch a win away from the sitting Conservatives provincially or federally?  You can post your comment below.

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