Who Do You Vote for in June For When All 3 Local Candidates Are Numptys? by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Ontario –   While we all are aware, or at least most of us are, of who the leaders are of the three main political parties in this upcoming Ontario election, do we know who are local options are?

We know our current MPP Jim McDonnell will win by default.   Right now my dog Fitzy could win with a blue bandanda for a collar in this riding, and perhaps even the province under Doug Ford (who McDonnell didn’t support).

I mean when a large and historic fair has that up as a banner, essentially wanting him to be MPP so he wouldn’t be their Godwin’g mayor anymore what does that say about the silly berk?

As for the Libs?  I’m still not sure they really have a riding association?  I’m not saying they don’t, but last I heard a very silly woman who boycotts this newspaper was up for the nom?  Just what we need, another school teacher with anger issues and no political understand….

Let me ask you dear viewers, how do you expect to get a majority of a riding to support and vote for you when you boycott the newspaper they read the most?   Even those that hate CFN read it.   It’s truly boggling.  We’ve had zero communication from team red this entire term other.  Judging from reading some of the other media locally not sure they’ve had much more?

As for the Dippers, I received an email from the party in Toronto informing me of their new candidate.  They’re in a big push as this just may be Andrea’s big shot to ride through Kathy’s political ashes.  Sadly, the young man who won the nom has boycotted this newspaper, and has his work cut out for him.   Orange Crushes are not something to bet the rent on.

Politics is a funny game, but when people or local riding associations don’t actually know how politics work and act like tribes of bush pigs it makes it hard to support any party.

As a Hyper Non Partisan voter myself I go one election at a time.  I owe no allegiance to any party; buy memberships to them all, and will switch depending on which party earns my support.

As a news editor and publisher I’m the same.   We have a clear Mission and Vision statement and our viewers understand that what we cover isn’t mandated the same way as traditional corporate media.

Relationships are two way streets though.   Our audience gets that even if some of these wannabee political wonks don’t.   I was chatting with a fringe party candidate this morning and shared that if we for example, don’t sell political ads then how are we supposed to devote resources to cover debates and events?   And if there’s no coverage then it becomes even more expensive to get the brand and message delivered to the public.

While some amateur politicos think facebook is a replacement for editorial support and real advertising it’s not.

Nothing against facebook, but it’s not and should not be a replacement for advertising.   Especially as facebook and social media companies don’t have boots on the ground or provide all the other values that media outlets like this one do.     If any editor sees a bunch of ads on social media by one party and not so many in their own outlet and others in the market do you think that will impact any support to that party or candidate?

One party was actually stupid enough to send me a release about their new TV ad.  I emailed them back and shared that if they didn’t buy ad space in CFN for the ad why on earth should I care?   I mean, we support video and audio ads too and have a far bigger market than some of the places they have bought ad space?  Would you trust those folks with leading a government if you had my vote?  🙂

So I sit here in downtown Cornwall pondering who to vote for?   I am leaning towards one party already, but I’m not sure I can vote for them based on the track record of the local riding association and pathetic candidate.    I’ll wait and see how this campaign evolves, especially locally.   It’ll be interesting to see if we’re blocked from covering debates as in previous elections?

This community can be that undemocratic and unprofessional.   It’s truly boggling….

Who will you vote for in the Ontario 2028 Election? WRIT DROP

  • Progressive Conservative (64%, 59 Votes)
  • NDP (15%, 14 Votes)
  • Other - I'm so glad recreational Marijuana is becoming legal! (11%, 10 Votes)
  • Liberal (10%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 92

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Who will you be voting for dear CFN Ontario viewers?  Please post your comments below and if you can please say which riding you’re in.




  1. Not a bad idea put Fitzie in as mayor of Cornwall. LOL LOL. There are many animals who are more intelligent than many humans and Fitzie would have my vote.

  2. Real intelligent comment from Jules , suggest she should be cut off from
    making nonsense comments on your paper .

  3. Author

    Believe me I kinda think that Jules comment in this one and only situation may be more than your fan boy support of our current mayor of Cornwall 😉

  4. My priority is to be rid of Wynne. The surest path to achieve that goal is a vote for Ford. The NDP and Liberals are equally ‘tax & spend’ so voting NDP is doubly not a option for me.

  5. Believe Me I know fully well that when Jamie banned me from CFN comments that you were one of the culprits who complained to him about me. Nobody can pull it past me and I knew this all along with Furtz and others. I have never complained about you people at all but you did me wrong and I despise you for doing what you did and it is unforgiveable.

  6. Author

    Jules that simply is not true. We don’t allow or suspend a user based on feedback. We do so based on viewers not following our rules. You are one of the few allowed to use a pseudonym. Some of the things you want to post you’d have to do so using your full name. Likewise, even then much of what you try to post would still not be allowed.

  7. Jamie I remember when Mayor OShaughnessey was running for mayor of Cornwall you gave him free publicity on your site and that is a great deal more than what Cornwall ever gave you. It was your site Jamie that got OShaughnessey in as mayor to replace BOB.

  8. Themselves, their friends, their promises. Elected representatives are gauged by their ability to clear a path to reach their promises. Unfortunate for the electorate is the appearance that they all walk in a similar fashion. The next decade is likely to be very enlightening. Have a great summer!

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