Doug Ford & PC’s Dump Tammy Hart Like Tanya Granic Allen as Candidate – Focus on Wynne 050518

Cornwall Ontario – Looks like Tanya Granic Allen Hudak’d herself and the Ontario PC Party and Doug Ford are taking no chances of giving their opposition any actual ammo to use against them.

Ford stated via release:


Tanya Granic Allen will no longer be a candidate for the Ontario PC Party.

We are a party comprised of people with diverse views that if expressed responsibly we would respect.

However, the fact is her characterization of certain issues and people has been irresponsible.

Our party remains focused on defeating Kathleen Wynne and bringing relief to families across Ontario.”


  1. Likely the best thing for the Conservatives as they need to keep their focus
    on Wynne and Wynne only if they expect to win .

  2. It boggles my mind that such an openly hateful bigot would be able to run for the party leadership. She is only now causing embarrassment to the PCs??

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