Ford Trumps Wynne on Nasty Liberal Campaign Chair David Herle Comment 042018

Chatham Ontario – PC leader Doug Ford issued a statement after a low blow by Hydro One priced Liberal Campaign Co Chair David Herle.   It’s been said you know you’ve won a debate when your opponent sinks to…..  Mr. Herle offered a weak sauce apology after.


I wanted to address the inappropriate comments that Kathleen Wynne’s Campaign Chair made about me today. 
I always say that I have thick skin. I have been called names before, but what bothers me the most is that he is insulting the people of Ontario that want to move this province forward. He is insulting my supporters which consist of PC, Liberal and NDP supporters. 
We knew this was going to be a dirty campaign, but I’m going to take the high road. 
This whole campaign, I haven’t done any name calling. I will hold Kathleen Wynne accountable for her record, but we are going to move forward on this campaign in a positive fashion. 
She wants to distract from her record, but I am going to continue speaking about what people care about in Ontario: lowering taxes, making sure we reduce hydro rates, getting rid of the carbon tax, and creating great paying jobs. 
That’s what we are going to focus on, what the people need to move this province forward.

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  1. He will be great for Ontario. His brother Rob might have had his moments, but he was a great politician and from what I can it runs in the family. They remind me of Chris Farley and his brother lol, a little out there but great people just the same. I think people are sick of Wynne’s face, lies and scandals anyways.

  2. Why can’t the Cons choose a leader with a bit of class? Seriously, we had more than enough of the idiot Ford brothers a while ago.

  3. Author

    Now Furtz…Ford is far better than Hudak was and far better than Elliott would’ve been. You know he’s going to Wynne this election.

  4. Furtz,
    So why do you think having class will make a good leader?
    Some of the most intelligent people in the world had/have no class yet, they outshone their peers in their fields.
    Even the idiot Trudeau has some class but he is not a leader, on the contrary he is a follower using Canadian tax payers’ money to make himself look good to globalists.

  5. Robert,
    The Ford brothers were a complete embarrassment to Toronto and the whole of Canada. I know a few Conservatives who won’t be voting in this election.

  6. Author

    Furtz I can tell you quite a few non PC’s are voting for Ford this election. It’s an interesting hot mess. Many Liberals have had enough of Wynne and want change. Andrea isn’t change.

  7. Jamie, that is why it’s such a bloody shame that the Cons keep choosing asshats for their leader.

  8. Author

    Furtz given the slate of those that showed an intent to run I think they’ve made the best choice. Elliott didn’t have a chance against Kathy. Ford not only does, but is odds on favorite to Wynne 😉 I’ve already made two bets on him having a majority victory.

  9. Jamie, I have no doubt that Ford will win a majority, and we will be stuck with an asshat premier for four years. No idea why the OPC party is so fond of sub-par leaders, but their track record is pretty clear for all to see.

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