View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Time For Andrew Scheer to Take a Walk in the Snow #cdnpoli 120119

Back in 1984, Pierre Elliot Trudeau went for his famous walk in the snow and then announced his resignation. Perhaps it is time for Andrew Scheer to do the same.

It is time for Scheer to put his ego aside and consider the impact of his staying on as leader on the party, his family and himself.

His followers will wave election night results and insist that increasing their percentage of the popular vote was a big deal. It isn’t if it isn’t matched by a win. The only thing that matters in a first past the post electoral system is who wins the greatest number of seats.

You have to wonder about how desperate Scheer and his supporters are when they try to convince Conservatives that this is just a rerun of 2004.

They send out Senator Batters, who is trying to link Scheer’s failed campaign to that of Harper in 2004. The implication is that Harper lost then rallied the troops and won in the next election and that Scheer can do the same and we should all give Scheer a second chance.

Sorry not this time – some of the root causes of Scheer’s defeat will not change as the man can not change. Much of the Conservative attacks used in the past election will be useless in the next one. Black face, SNC Lavalin will be in the past. Voters have already given Trudeau a pass on those- preferring Trudeau with all his faults and stupidity over Scheer.

Harper was focused, politically smart, disciplined and commanded the respect of both sides of the new party. Scheer is in danger of fracturing it again and will spend the next few months pulling knives out of his back. Harper had the advantage of very senior advisors and strategists from both of the old parties. It is not the same this time around.

I am afraid Senator Batters you are wrong; this is not 2004 all over again.

And by the way, who thought up the dumb idea of using an unelected senator to pitch loyalty to our elected MPs and party members.  Hopefully not the same person who thought up the idea of comparing Pride parades to St Patrick Day parades.

Perhaps over the winter break it would be a good idea if Scheer also took his walk in the snow.

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  1. Carrying Trudeau’s walk in the snow and Scheers walk to the political gallows a little further…
    And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the conservative party is unravelling as it should.
    — Apologies to Max Ehrmann —

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