The election that nobody seems to care about trundles on. This will be an historic loss if Andrew Scheer gives The Trudeau Liberals a majority win. With a history of broken election promises and gross hypocrisy the Conservatives simply have failed to deliver a strong game with much of theContinue Reading

It’s funny being a journalist in 2019. My inbox recently started to flood with releases by both the Liberals and Conservatives. Smart. We not only own a large local audience, but are have great pools of viewers in Cities like Ottawa, Toronto, and even Montreal. The internet is content drivenContinue Reading

The local Liberal riding association still has not rolled out a candidate for the October Federal election. It’s an interesting paradigm. With local thug Guy Lauzon retiring his long time flunky, Eric Duncan, is running in his place. Duncan is a very rare out of the closet Conservative candidate. IronicallyContinue Reading

Most political Canadians know that there’s been a historic glass ceiling for Gay Conservatives with political aspirations. Ask John Baird. Ask Scott Brison who walked over to the Liberals so he could comfortably be who he is. The Liberals rolled out some vintage video of Scheer. It’s politics baby! That’sContinue Reading

Lots of folks are watching the recent gains of the Green Party at the provincial level in New Brunswick and PEI and the recent bye-election win in Nanaimo-Ladysmith. They are asking themselves if we are seeing the early beginning of a change in the political landscape. There is no doubtContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – While Andrew Scheer, or Harper -2.0, is embracing MP Guy Lauzon’s announcement that he’ll be running for re-election in 2019 it’s clear that his party is dropping the ball locally. It would have been easy enough to allow the corrupt and scandalized Lauzon to ooze away intoContinue Reading