Impotent Andrew Scheer Fumbling as Liberals Flirt with Majority Win. By Jamie Gilcig #CDNPOLI 100719

The election that nobody seems to care about trundles on. This will be an historic loss if Andrew Scheer gives The Trudeau Liberals a majority win.

With a history of broken election promises and gross hypocrisy the Conservatives simply have failed to deliver a strong game with much of the blame landing on Mr. Scheer.

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Black Face


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Most politicians wouldn’t make it to the gate; never mind compete in an election. It shows how desolate and corrupt the politics in Canada have become.

Mr. Trudeau has improved his numbers in spite of Team Scheer taking their best shots and more ironically leaving themselves exposed. IE, Scheer’s apparent dual American citizenship.

You can’t criticize a party or politician about something and then get caught with the same offense yourself.

The US political trend seems to be following Canada and that’s for good or bad the more you talk about a leader the more votes they seem to garner. Call it “Brand Awareness” or whatever you wish to, but much less people are talking about the other leaders and most of that chatter is not positive.

Where Mr. Trudeau should be seeing his party’s fortunes plummet, they are in fact rising, especially in Ontario and Quebec. Instead of the scandals weighing him down the public simply doesn’t seem attracted enough to Mr. Scheer to make a change in this election.

Instead of possibly losing the election the question now becomes whether he can score a Majority win on election night?

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  1. The best thing that could of happened for Andrew Scheer would of been Doug Ford losing the provincial election to Wynne.

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