The election that nobody seems to care about trundles on. This will be an historic loss if Andrew Scheer gives The Trudeau Liberals a majority win. With a history of broken election promises and gross hypocrisy the Conservatives simply have failed to deliver a strong game with much of theContinue Reading

So, the Liberals shut down the ethics committee- what else is new? Did anyone actually expect the Liberals to allow the opposition to investigate Trudeau’s conduct just weeks before an election? Let us get serious – there isn’t a party out there that would allow this to happen – itContinue Reading

Ever since the Ethics Commissioners Report landed with a bang on Trudeau’s desk, the opposition parties have been hard at work attacking the Liberals over the SNC Lavalin scandal. This is what opposition parties are supposed to do, but with an election so close this issue takes on even moreContinue Reading

Yesterday Jody Wilson-Raybault and Jane Philpott decided to run as independent candidates in the next election. While I respect their choice, I do wonder if it was the wisest move for these two talented MPs. Obviously, they have reasons for not choosing the Green Party, most likely policy differences. However,Continue Reading

It’s amazing how politics work. There are the kool aid drinkers, the partisans, and then the slim amount of folk that will actually listen and read what is being said before making a decision where to park their vote. With Justin Trudeau fighting for his political life because of theContinue Reading

It’s sad watching the circus that has become the #lavscam scandal. Canadians are getting a rare glimpse, and a sanitized one at that, on the inner workings of government. There is nothing surprising regarding the testimony of former AG Jody Wilson Raybould. It also highlights the degree of Quebec corruptionContinue Reading

This is too innocuous for the Americans, too wholesome for Latin America, too complicated for the Swiss and Scandinavians The SNC-Lavalin affair is the quintessential Canadian controversy. It is alleged by unnamed sources that the former justice minister and attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, was pressured to order her officials toContinue Reading