View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Protest Over #lavscam Ethics Committee Shutdown A Tad Much 082119

So, the Liberals shut down the ethics committee- what else is new?

Did anyone actually expect the Liberals to allow the opposition to investigate Trudeau’s conduct just weeks before an election?

Let us get serious – there isn’t a party out there that would allow this to happen – it would be political suicide.

Time to cool the mock outrage from the Conservatives (who actually thinks they wouldn’t have done the same thing in the Harper years) and well the NDP can moan and groan, but they aren’t serious contenders anyway. The Greens can pontificate, but they have never been in a similar position to the Liberals at the federal level.

Should they ever win and end up in a similar position to the Liberals, lots of research staff will be throwing May’s comments at them.

Just another regular day in Canadian politics. This is not to say it is right, but until politics change in this Country this is what you get.

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