UCDSB Char Lan Teacher SHERYL FONTAINE Pleads No Contest to 8 Counts After Sleeping in Same Bed as Student 082119

Some interesting facts are creeping out of the Fontaine case. For example, why did she end up teaching in Brockville after what happened at Char Lan?

Did the UCDSB pull a Project Truth move and shuffle a party with an issue to a new location?

The teacher pled no contest to eight counts of professional misconduct, including sexual abuse of a student as well as psychological or emotional abuse of a student.

The scary part is the incident occurred in 2014. That means that there were several years where Fontaine was exposed to other students.

Uncontested statement of facts confirm that Fontaine offered the student alcohol, encouraged her to spend lunch hours in her classrooms, and never reported personal issues involving the student which culminated in the two sharing a bed on a school trip where contact was sexual contact was made.

Too little of this case has been exposed and to date there has been no police charges reported against the teacher.

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