Jody 1 Justin 0 – Butts Resigns from Trudeau PMO by Jamie Gilcig 021919

Hell hath no scorn like…… Gerald Butts has resigned. This is mammoth. By legal stance it of course is not an indication of any guilt, but by political standards it’s a fart breath away from going full McGuinty, who oddly enough was where Gerald Butts cut his teeth politically.

It’s odd in 2019; that the screaming Millennials still haven’t figured out that the very qualities that have made some people great are in fact yanged to some of their worst qualities. As talented as Mr. Butts is, his own qualities have led him to his resignation. There is nothing noble in this act other than a gesture of loyalty and friendship to his good friend, our Prime Minister, that will probably also result in some thank you gigs down the line.

There are very few Canadians that doubt that there was some gerrymandering and leverage attempted on our non meritorious former AG, Jody Wilson Raybauld who essentially took them down when her own political career, at least Federally, was blown up.

A female visible minority former crown with some political backspin made here a total shoe in if you wanted to impress the twitter crowd. Now that choice is what appears to be what will have tomahawked the Trudeau political hustle.

This is Mr. Trudeau’s Nigel Wright moment. When Mr. Wright resigned from Mr. Harper’s team that was the strike that finished him in office.

It’s not like Mr. Trudeau has a lot to hang his hat on during his few years in office. There has been blunder after blunder, but what became so apparent was the utter charade of the Trudeau brand summed up in the old school way of doing biz going back to his father’s years.

People know that politicians lie. What they don’t like are amateurs.

From the Kokanee Grope to #lavscam Mr. Trudeau in the end has been done in by his own deeds and actions more by than anything the opposition has slung up. It will be by his own choice of cabinet minister that the defining blow has landed.

In the end he really wasn’t ready for the job.

Of course very few are sadly….


  1. Someone had to fall on the sword. Butts drew the short straw.

    The other option besides Trudeau is Scheer . If anyone thought Harper was bad, Scheer takes it to a whole new level. His policies reek of Harper on steroids

    Singh is not an option as he won’t even win the by-election. The NDP will be forced to call a quick leadership convention.

  2. Jody, an individual in mid career, may just have simply wanted to distance himself from a situation that otherwise would blow up his best earning years. Not a case of Justin not being ready for the job but rather that his name alone cannot carry him any further. Friendship can suffer badly from a case of misplaced ethics. History repeats itself.

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