Games and Winnings: What Are the Percentages in Canada?

You could be forgiven for thinking that all online casinos and, more specifically, slot game machines are created equal. However, in terms of payout percentages, this clearly couldn’t be further from the truth.

The large majority of slots players arrive at their game of choice with the preconceived notion that their favorite games are based entirely on luck, effectively eliminating their inclination to choose a game wisely. Again, this isn’t strictly true.

Below is an in-depth look at the winning percentages in Canada, how they’re calculated and examples of the best options for maximizing your chances of a big payout.

Who Calculates Payout Percentages?

The provincial government in question sets the minimal payout standard for slot machines and, by law, this must be a certain percentage – the minimum payout limit in Ontario, for example, is 85% and so casinos in the area are legally required to maintain that percentage (or higher if they so wish).

The game developer then sets the limit requested by the respective casino while installing the device.

It’s uncommon – but not unheard of – for casinos to alter the payout percentage on their machines, but this requires special permission and a licensed slot technician.

Casinos and Percentages in Canada

Ontario remains the cornerstone of Canadian gambling and is home to more casinos and gambling establishments than anywhere else in the country.

The Casino Niagara and the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort remain two of the finest establishments in the country and currently operate just above the 85% payout percentage found in the rest of the state.

In addition to this, the Akwesasne Casino in Ontario has also proved popular with tourists in recent years as it sits about as close to the U.S./Canadian border as you can get.

But it’s not all about Ontario. 

The State of Alberta operates a fantastic payout percentage of around 92.4% and contains both the Stampede Casino and the Cash Casino, with the latter boasting around 600 slot machines and a wide variety of games to suit all types of gamers.

Online casinos can offer higher payback percentages, as they have less overheads and more competition.

In order to ensure the best payout and casino bonus, directories such as SlotsJudge provide users with key facts and figures to help users find the best-paying games and casinos.

Playing the Percentages

Most owners and operators are aware that it’s in their best interests to offer payout ratios far higher than those required by law.

While a casino which pays out close to 99% will have a small profit margin, the sheer volume of punters and placed bets will make the casino a profitable venture.

By the same token, a casino with a huge margin will attract less custom, as it will become common knowledge that winning there is a difficult task.

Whatever platform you choose to play on, it pays to “shop around” and seek out the most profitable games possible. 

This is especially true in Canada, where payout percentages can vary greatly from casino to casino.

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