Justin Trudeau Can’t Win Next Election & Should Resign over #lavscam by Jamie Gilcig 022819

It’s sad watching the circus that has become the #lavscam scandal. Canadians are getting a rare glimpse, and a sanitized one at that, on the inner workings of government.

There is nothing surprising regarding the testimony of former AG Jody Wilson Raybould.

It also highlights the degree of Quebec corruption that clearly will not play well in the West. Ultimately this is payback for the pipeline zinging by Quebec interests. There can be no recovering politically for the party under this leadership team.

Should Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resign? Categorically yes, as there’s no way he can beat Andrew Scheer at this point. Any action other than the full McGuinty clearly could leave the party in Kathleen Wynne territory.

Furthermore Katie Telford, Michael Wernick and several staffers need to be investigated by the RCMP and if Ms. Wilson’s allegations are found to be evidential, need to be prosecuted and terminated from their positions. Ms Raybould Wilson might be on the line too because if these were criminal actions then she, as AG, did nothing until she had been removed from her job which begs the question if we’d know of any of this if she hadn’t been?

Canadians deserve better, especially those that voted for this government.

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