Trudeau Budget Looks like Pre Cursor to SNAP Election Call. by Jamie Gilcig 032019

It’s amazing how politics work. There are the kool aid drinkers, the partisans, and then the slim amount of folk that will actually listen and read what is being said before making a decision where to park their vote.

With Justin Trudeau fighting for his political life because of the SNC Lavalin scandal or #lavscam as many of us are calling it, his government rolled out a new budget.

It’s a limp mess that panders to a few groups, but has no real meat and potatoes. It certainly doesn’t have anything in it truly for the middle and working classes.

It panders to First Nations which is kinda icky feeling in light of what’s going on via #lavscam and the former AG Jody Raybould Wilson.

Pulling the plug on this current government might buy Mr. Trudeau enough magic to perhaps retain power, especially as Captain Creepy, as unelectable as he is as a candidate, still has the strong Harper machine behind him and the Conservative brand which is strong due to an aging population where it counts.

The problem for Mr. Trudeau this election is that his promises failed from the last election mean that promises made this time are pretty meaningless. Even his promise to legalize Marijuana has essentially failed with those who fought for generations essentially being left out of the process.

I mean, anyone in the Middle Class that he bleated to last time around clearly knows where their bottom line has been since.

Right now polling is showing that at best, Mr. Trudeau can garner a minority win. which all things considered would be a stunning win for him.

Minority governments usually can be good things for we, the public that pays for the government.

It should be interesting either way.

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  1. About legalizing marijuana I am 100% against that and I am crazy enough as is without taking that garbage into my system. Canada is not a country but a corporation and so is Australia and New Zealand and any land that is under the Crown is a corporation. Look it up and you would be surprised. We have no real rights here in Canada and that is why the US broke away from the monarchy.

  2. WOW!! Feel free to leave Canada if you don’t like the way things are done here. It’s called progress, not being stuck in the 50’s and 60’s!!

  3. Hugger speaking about the 1950s I am stuck back then and will remain there until my death and beyond. Those were the much better years of my very existence and that will never change ever. Today it is DOO DOO YEARS IN COMPARISON. I say that on a daily basis here at home. This present world is mighty evil and I cannot wait to leave it entirely.

  4. I will be at the polls voting for non other than Mad Max Maxime Bernier whether he wins or loses and he is the only answer that we have. Trudy is a communist globalist and Andrew Scheer is a globalist as well. None represent Canada except for Mad Max. Whoever wins it will be a God Sent to get rid of Trudy the trator and NITWIT of Canadistan.

  5. And there we have the reason the Cons won’t form the next government. Bernier and Scheer will split the Cons vote.

  6. I have arthritis and I am in pain today. Hubby told me to take an advil but yours truly takes nothing at all since none of that helps because the pain is very bad and I don’t take any kind of drugs at all. I can laugh at myself without any inhibitors. No wonder I am in pain it looks like rain or snow.

  7. Voting for Mad Max Bernier is sending Justin Trudeau back as P.M.

  8. OMG! If voting for Mad Max is a vote for Trudy then no thanks. I will vote for Howdy Doody Andrew Scheer instead. I would rather put Fitzie in as PM than to put Trudy back in any day. Andrew Scheer it will be.

  9. Yup, okay. Jules is going to vote. And hell just froze over!!

  10. Huggs, no hell will only freeze over when the Leafs win the Stanley Cup

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