View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Has May Thought Through #lavscam Inquiry Bite? 081819

Ever since the Ethics Commissioners Report landed with a bang on Trudeau’s desk, the opposition parties have been hard at work attacking the Liberals over the SNC Lavalin scandal.

This is what opposition parties are supposed to do, but with an election so close this issue takes on even more importance.

For instance, the Leader of the Green Party has been calling for a full public inquiry into this mess. It makes for an attractive sound bite, but has she thought it through?

There is a real possibility that on October 19th, Canadians will elect a minority Liberal government.

If Elizabeth May believes that Trudeau and his cronies acted so poorly that a full public inquiry is needed into what went on, how can she then support a minority government led by the same Liberal PM who she wants investigated?

The same goes for the NDP. If it is a minority Liberal government led by Trudeau. Will they support it to keep the Liberals in power?

The Greens and the NDP are the only parties likely to try to keep the Liberals in power. They need to be clear prior to the election if their support will be contingent on Trudeau stepping aside or not.

Otherwise for parties (who claim they are doing politics differently to the Liberals and Conservatives) are just blowing smoke. They will be no different than the parties they attack for old school politics.

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