Duncan Trotted Out as Token Gay Voice for Scheer in CBC Spin Story on Gay Marriage Comments. By Jamie Gilcig 082819

Most political Canadians know that there’s been a historic glass ceiling for Gay Conservatives with political aspirations. Ask John Baird. Ask Scott Brison who walked over to the Liberals so he could comfortably be who he is.

The Liberals rolled out some vintage video of Scheer. It’s politics baby! That’s how it works.

Historically most leading Conservative candidates have ducked gay pride parades. It was a local scandal when Eric got Guy Lauzon to attend a local pride meeting with Duncan and a drag queen that looked like Super Guy.

Young Duncan is hoping to replace Lauzon this election, but sadly he doesn’t equal the position. He condoned Lauzon’s thugery while being his executive assistant including refusing services to yours truly and this newspaper in his former official capacity.

Likewise, he actually ran to the back of an old bakery shrieking like a wee girl out of fear when I went to cover the provincial election which was bewildering as I’ve never raised my voice or said or done anything remotely mean to Mr. Duncan.

Our sole interview was very pleasant and positive to him in fact.

Sadly Mr. Duncan doesn’t realize that if he were MP he’d have to represent all in this riding and whether he’s got an issue with me or not there are an awful lot of voters in this riding who read CFN and actually vote.

Warren Kinsella recently covered something akin to this issue LINK.

Now, I don’t know Andrew Scheer all that well. He’s a family man, he goes to church. If he stayed that way, nobody would really care what he thinks about the various Pride events that happen across Canada every Summer. He’d just be another guy. 

But he’s not just another guy. He’s not a nobody. He’s the leader of the Conservative Party, and he’s running to be Prime Minister. 
When you’re a Prime Minister, you don’t get to pick and choose which Canadians you represent. You represent all of us, or you represent none of us. 

Warren Kinsella

Kinsella is right. When you get elected, whether as a municipal councilor, MPP, or MP as young Duncan wants; you have to be rep all of us. Right now it seems he only talks to media locally that have gay editors. What does that say? About him and about them? (Cornwall has at least two gay editors)

Frankly it’s tragic that Duncan was put in the spot he was of endorsing Scheer in the CBC story. It could be why in thh 338 website he’s listed as only likely to be elected rather than the riding being safe? LINK

In politics if you’re going to snub a group, as Scheer and others have Pride events, you better have a positive reason. Sadly this scribbler hasn’t heard a good one yet. Certainly not one that reinforce anyone voting for them.

If Eric Duncan is going to prostitute himself out as the token Gay Bestie for Conservatives that is his choice. It may not end up being the choice of the voters of this riding though.

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